sekian lama menyepi

hakhak...based on the heading above you will surely know what all of this is about..
it has been a couple of month since i last posting a new post..(yg paling last pun 3 perkataan ja..saya kena rajin..haha..)
actually..i am not a good writer i must admit..
and i am simply not a good story-teller...
but considering this is a blog, my i will just hantam kromo je la eh..
some says that writing is a way to express yourself..
some also says that writing is just like escaping from the which it is kinda true..this is because there are some cases in which people write what they feel simply because they cannot express it in the real world..
but..for me..not being able to express it in the real world but are being able to express it in a written form is far much more better than not expressing it to anyone or anything..
so keep one important thing in your mind..writing is a good therapy towards a healthy mind..hakhak..ya2la tu..

ok..speaking of me..ermm...currently is undergoing a whole-dreadful semesters of being an undergraduate much to learn and so much things that i can't understand..especially me..i'm sinking in the world of organic chemistry in which i don't want to..huhu..

but still..if it is not now then when? that is the only words that i can bear in my mind right now...
okla...rasanya cukup kot setakat ni..sesungguhnya saya memang tidak kuat merapu..hehe..

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