i'm very tired today
not all day
just a tiny part of a day
huhu..what tiring me is that
we have to sell 60++ of roti john
with only 3 people! dengdong
huhu..sedih glaa..
so we waited for about a couple of minutes
at v2 (me,mel and nisah)
and we just randomly sell the roti john to everyone who came passing by us
i need to text a whole bunch of my frens
begging to buy that roti huhu
so, at last, it leaves me with 8
and 4 being booked
at last, i managed to sell it all
leaving one for me
hee...thankssss u all cause buying
its all because my friendsss :)
thanks u ollss


sebenarnya ak mula rajin tulis blog
apabila ak baru sedar yg archive blog ak utk bulan march baru 2 post???
aaaa..tu pun pasal bufday abah ak and bufday ak hahaha
soo..ak pun post two different posts punyala nk tambah archive tuu hehe
okayy..sooo..ni gambar yg ak culik drpada tumblr http://lifesayscheese.tumblr.com

seperti yg kita bleh baca di situ
it says that "think happy thoughts"
simple word yet so meaningful
ak ingat ag DR SMS ckap
what mind believe body can achieve
so, if u want to be happy
just think happy thoughts and u will be a happy person :D
haha..for me, i think of happy thoughts when i think of spongebob and patrick
hahahahaha..alasan semata2
actually there are many things that can make me happy
antaranya, my family, besties, frensss and you! hehehe
so..the conclusion is, think happy and you will be happy
but not just think, you must act
it is like walk the talk laa hee..
kalau kita asyik fikir happy je memang la kita akan happy
tapi sorg2 haha
ad satu quote ni ckap pasal happiness
dia ckap "Happiness is a perfume which you cannot pour on someone without getting some on yourself" hehe...so be happy and others will happy tooo
one more quote of happiness
"happiness is being married to your best friend" :D
owh.mcm ad arapan hehe
ok..dhla merapu..chiow~~


arini adalah ari yg sgat sedeyh ye bagi ak
err..not entirely just a little tiny part actually
hee..so..ap yg jadi arini ialah
benda yg sgat menyedihkan
ok ak dh mention twice hehe
so, alkisahnya mcm ni
arini ak BANGUN subuh SENDIRI
hehe..kemajuan ya di situ
sbb smlam ak tido 230
kalau nk based on past records, kalau ak tido lebih drpd pkul 1 tu
komfem memang sekomfem2nya la ak xleh bgun subuh sdri
alarm pun jadi mcm xdgar jee
hehe..ok so kemajuan ya arini
lpas on lappy ak print lab report thenn
ak pg mandiii hehe
kemajuan jgak ye di situ
sbb slalunya ak akn tido lpas subuh then baru pg mandi
tu punnn benda ni jadi time sblum mid-sem je
time ak dok rajin ag pg kelas pkul 8
utk minggu ni saja
ak xpg lgsg pun kelas pkul 8 muahahaha
so ak pun siap2 ad tutor sepro (yg dh 2 kali ak ponteng ye)
ak siap pkul 745 ye rakan2
alih2 dayu dpt mesej saying that sepro tutor cancel!
dingdong betol laaaa
aaa..nooo..bila ak rajin la ang xdk plak
haishh..so what happened after that is
ak pun sambung tido smpai pkul 10 hehe..
xtaula bila plak akn jadi rajin mcm ni
semoga berkekalan~ hee

erkk xd kena mengena haha

haa..ni baru betul..muka mengharap hehe

p/s : maybe ak xtido lpas subuh dh sbb ak dh 20 tahun kot hahaha :D

bufday gurl :)

today is 16/3/11
it means i'm turning 20 todayy yeyy!!
hehe..praise to be god as i'm still alive in this world
alhamdulillah :)
soooo..yesterday i slept early because i got some dizziness
it is all due to my paranoid feeling of the water getting affected by radiation
since it rain so heavily yesterday
hehe..free2 je xnk mandi ngokngek
so, pkul 1130 ak pun tido
then pkul 12 mcm tu enset berbunyi2 org wish besday
thanks all :D
but then, actually i was waiting for him
deng..dhla wish lambat 1230 mcm tu kot
pastu ckap happy birthday je??
err...whatever la xkisahh haha
but then dia ajak ak g v5 tman dia mkan
far as i know that diorg nk buat mkan2 kat situ
ok terkejut and terharu di situ
ad wan, dayu, petra,afiq,eiju and shahir
ad kfc,vanetta,and 2 cute muffins
hee..thanks to all
that is very sweet indeed hee..
kitorg balik pkul 2
last2 kitorg semua xpg kelas sepro haha
nice di situ
hee...soo...i'm turning 20 now
dh nk masuk era2 kematangan dh hehe...
so grow up la! hee :)

last but not least
eppi besdayyy to meeee :)))


dh lama rasanya x update blog dgan kata2
hehe..i mean in proper words and sentences
cause for the past few post it was always about editting pictures
hehe..so today, i decided to write somethingg
anything la..*run away for a while from sepro hee*

okayy so..what happened iss
ermmm ha'a..3rd march!! its my dad's birthday
hee..i love u very much dad..i really want to wish u a good life now, and hereafter
may u always be blessed by HIM :)
although i have some other guy in my life; u will always b my no.1 in my heart :)

hee..ok..so..last saturday, me, wan, dayu and petra went to ipoh
im just fill in the empty seat actually but then i end up being the MOST spender!!
hahaha..im so cannot be trusted with money; let alone having a budget haha
conclusion; i really need some serious money managing hehe
i dont know why but everytime i went to watson, i will surely take out 50 note to the cash register
haha; like mother like daughter
i remember going to watson with my mum and we end up at the same situation as mine
maybe we are destined to spend our most money at watsonn
hehe..ok; cliche
then ha'a...
i got the mark for com.meth quiz the other day (what day..dont remember)
hehe..alhamdulillah..okayy.. :)

ermm..todayy..i didn't wake up for selling nasi lemak
hehe, but then i dont feel guilty anymore after knowing that aina didn't go too and plus, the nasi lemak is not enoughh hehe
so, if we go, we can be the one with having no nasi lemak so i'm glad that we didn't go hehe
then, dia kalah bola arini
i don't know what to comment since i'm not there
and i don't understand actually
hee..what i can say is, they have one more game
sooo my little dearieee; do ur best :)
nnt kalau menang aty blanja am mkan ikan bakarrr hee :)))

okay, so esok ad test sepro; 3-4
huhu..i have one more chapter to cover and i really33 need to do the tutorial questions
rite now i'm stuck in understanding McCabe-Thiele method wuwuuu

okayy i think thats all for now
too *org yg dh tido tu* gudnite dear :))
tido elok2 mimp molek2 hee