bufday gurl :)

today is 16/3/11
it means i'm turning 20 todayy yeyy!!
hehe..praise to be god as i'm still alive in this world
alhamdulillah :)
soooo..yesterday i slept early because i got some dizziness
it is all due to my paranoid feeling of the water getting affected by radiation
since it rain so heavily yesterday
hehe..free2 je xnk mandi ngokngek
so, pkul 1130 ak pun tido
then pkul 12 mcm tu enset berbunyi2 org wish besday
thanks all :D
but then, actually i was waiting for him
deng..dhla wish lambat 1230 mcm tu kot
pastu ckap happy birthday je??
err...whatever la xkisahh haha
but then dia ajak ak g v5 tman dia mkan
far as i know that diorg nk buat mkan2 kat situ
ok terkejut and terharu di situ
ad wan, dayu, petra,afiq,eiju and shahir
ad kfc,vanetta,and 2 cute muffins
hee..thanks to all
that is very sweet indeed hee..
kitorg balik pkul 2
last2 kitorg semua xpg kelas sepro haha
nice di situ
hee...soo...i'm turning 20 now
dh nk masuk era2 kematangan dh hehe...
so grow up la! hee :)

last but not least
eppi besdayyy to meeee :)))

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