sebenarnya ak mula rajin tulis blog
apabila ak baru sedar yg archive blog ak utk bulan march baru 2 post???
aaaa..tu pun pasal bufday abah ak and bufday ak hahaha
soo..ak pun post two different posts punyala nk tambah archive tuu hehe
okayy..sooo..ni gambar yg ak culik drpada tumblr http://lifesayscheese.tumblr.com

seperti yg kita bleh baca di situ
it says that "think happy thoughts"
simple word yet so meaningful
ak ingat ag DR SMS ckap
what mind believe body can achieve
so, if u want to be happy
just think happy thoughts and u will be a happy person :D
haha..for me, i think of happy thoughts when i think of spongebob and patrick
hahahahaha..alasan semata2
actually there are many things that can make me happy
antaranya, my family, besties, frensss and you! hehehe
so..the conclusion is, think happy and you will be happy
but not just think, you must act
it is like walk the talk laa hee..
kalau kita asyik fikir happy je memang la kita akan happy
tapi sorg2 haha
ad satu quote ni ckap pasal happiness
dia ckap "Happiness is a perfume which you cannot pour on someone without getting some on yourself" hehe...so be happy and others will happy tooo
one more quote of happiness
"happiness is being married to your best friend" :D
owh.mcm ad arapan hehe
ok..dhla merapu..chiow~~

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