dh lama rasanya x update blog dgan kata2
hehe..i mean in proper words and sentences
cause for the past few post it was always about editting pictures
hehe..so today, i decided to write somethingg
anything la..*run away for a while from sepro hee*

okayy so..what happened iss
ermmm ha'a..3rd march!! its my dad's birthday
hee..i love u very much dad..i really want to wish u a good life now, and hereafter
may u always be blessed by HIM :)
although i have some other guy in my life; u will always b my no.1 in my heart :)

hee..ok..so..last saturday, me, wan, dayu and petra went to ipoh
im just fill in the empty seat actually but then i end up being the MOST spender!!
hahaha..im so cannot be trusted with money; let alone having a budget haha
conclusion; i really need some serious money managing hehe
i dont know why but everytime i went to watson, i will surely take out 50 note to the cash register
haha; like mother like daughter
i remember going to watson with my mum and we end up at the same situation as mine
maybe we are destined to spend our most money at watsonn
hehe..ok; cliche
then ha'a...
i got the mark for com.meth quiz the other day (what day..dont remember)
hehe..alhamdulillah..okayy.. :)

ermm..todayy..i didn't wake up for selling nasi lemak
hehe, but then i dont feel guilty anymore after knowing that aina didn't go too and plus, the nasi lemak is not enoughh hehe
so, if we go, we can be the one with having no nasi lemak so i'm glad that we didn't go hehe
then, dia kalah bola arini
i don't know what to comment since i'm not there
and i don't understand actually
hee..what i can say is, they have one more game
sooo my little dearieee; do ur best :)
nnt kalau menang aty blanja am mkan ikan bakarrr hee :)))

okay, so esok ad test sepro; 3-4
huhu..i have one more chapter to cover and i really33 need to do the tutorial questions
rite now i'm stuck in understanding McCabe-Thiele method wuwuuu

okayy i think thats all for now
too *org yg dh tido tu* gudnite dear :))
tido elok2 mimp molek2 hee

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