lab test

today i got lab test com.meth
huhu sedeyh glaa
the test start at 10 am
i slept at 2 am yesterday huhu
but still, i cannot answer it
forgotten hehe
it is really not my luck today
the question is turned upside down at the table
after signing the attendance sheet
we need to choose any of the paper on the table
deng, my hand pick a hard quest
huhu what can i do
i cannot see it wuwuu
i got Euler's method
and i forgottttt
i read it already but still

dayu got newton-rhapson method
deng! i remember that one
huhu, lastly i asked dayu and we exchange paper
she answer it on my paper haha
lucky, the GA doesn't see it hehe
so, i dont know whats wrong
but i don't get the answer hehe
so, i don't know
bio je laa hehe..
so, final ada ag
do ur best! :D

owh yes, i went to sepro class today
after 2 weeks of ponteng class
i finally went to class!
tiba2 ja tadi dh kelas last ngahngah
memang byak yg kena cover hehe
ok bye!

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