reminiscing the old time

i was doing PHT rite now
but then, all i do is menguap3 haha
so, i editted this picture
it is during the candle-lite-dinner
during i was in form 5 that time
we have to organize our own cld
cause that time we didn't get any sponsors from the admin
haha so we do it ourself haha
all of the form 5, 4 and even form 1
were involved
since everyone really want this to happen
hehe, that evening i was out with bunch of my friends
to buy all the presents and cakes
we decorated the hall until maghrib that leaves me and a few of the gurls
we didn't have much of time to bersiap2 mcm org lain
haha..i planned to wear jubah with farah and hanim
but, i borrowed farah punya since i don'y have one is purple and it is beautiful!!
hehe..i planned to wear tudung bawal but then
they (therah, farah) managed to convince me
to wear that selendang deng!
haha..i don't know how i look like
since therah is the one who did it for me [thanks TJ :)]
i dont even know if i like it or not
but what i know is they said i was doing fine
i was a little shy since i never wear one like those
haha..that evening i cried
want to know why?
sbb syamin pengsan sbb dia puasa
haha..of course bukan sbb dia pengsan an
ak nangis sbb time tu kitorg yg guna van
and sbb tu dia xleh g hospital
haha..memang bkan slah ak but still
buat touching ap xtau an..haha..
btw, yg tu je kot hehe
malam tu ak balik awal gak ar
penat kott huhu..

hee..yg baju hijau tu intan, yg oren ni nash;
dua2 katil-mate ak..rindu glaa kat diorg especially nash hee

ok, yg kiri baju oren; farah..sebelah dia hanim..sebelah
ag satu hidayatul and last skali fatin
haha rindu semuaa deng.

okay, yg xmention ag tudung pink; husna..comel kn dia? hee

oooo..xclear hehe..
that is me and hanim! comel kn kitorg 2
syg skali shaking la plak an..hehe

so, thats all..haha..bubbye
ak tgah lapaq sebenarnya :3

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