i survive~

today i got 2papers straight
sepro and hse
sepro at 9 and hse at 2.30 pm
never been in this situation before
since foundie i think
i slept late last night
at 4 i think
woke up at 7.40 am
missed subuh prayer :(
and also breakfast :(
straight to get quick shower
but then, keep repeating to the toilet
sakit perut! huhu
so, went to undercroft
entered.done.and done
haha..the funny thing is
no.not funny at all.
the sad story is
i got really bad stomach ache
and ak cirit birit smpai half an hour!!
whatt??????? MEMANG ak ad byak masa gla kn nk jawab semua quest
last2 skali xsempat nk finished up question no.4 properly due to time constraint
oh perut, u betray me..haha..xdla..
then come HSE..
i dont mind nor i dont care at all
haha..i just answer the qeustion and i dont mind being wrong
no.i do mind but not that stress while doing pht
haha..the sad story is..
no.x sad lgsg.tapi unacceptable
the thing is.. we have to wait for an hour.
i repeat 1 HOUR!!! whatttthefishhh!
semuanya sebab depa kira paper omrxcukup!!!
what!!! dh kalau xd org nk antar tu biola
apa maslahnya ishhh
xpaham ak dhla ak xmakan daripada pagi tadi lagi tau dakk
pagi tadi lagiii
telan sekeping roti jaa amik kat yann
ishhh.memang nk kna
i can eat u now u know
haha..so. keluar dewan at 530 something
padahal dh abis pkul 430 lagi deng
pergi tudung saji
and what i can say is
the service is suck.
really is! although the place and the environment is really nice
but still.memang hampeh
kecewa ak..mahal plak tu.
ok.fullstop.dh xnk mkan situ..haha

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