Operasi membersihkan dapur :D

hehe..ini adalah tajuk kita pada hari ni ye
tau apa yg jadi arini? hehe..aritu kan2
bila ntah, i don't remember it either hehe..
wan was feeling extra stress and me also
cause we are studying thermo that is haha
memang emo ye rakan2
so..what we do is..we did a little bit of cleaning at the kitchen
hehe..we did it all..clean the plates, glasses
tgok semua apa yg ada dlm rak tu 
and so far that we know that there are sooo many plates, mugs left by the previous seniors
there are at least 20 mugs left by them
a whole bunch of spoons and forks and also platessss
and also jugs, heater
hehe..that is so nice okehh
we also did some mopping here and there
i even clean up the freezer..haha..kat umah pun xpernah buat okay haha
and tadaaa~~ what do we know~
it is clean and clear, i love it! hehe
its all because of wan and noli hehe
want to see the pictures?? tadaaa~~

see2..kan dh lawa..hehe

tgokla semua notis ni..wan ngan ak yg lekatkan hehe

kami siap buat division kotak lagi tau..satu untuk pinggan, satu kitorg punya satu lagi diorg punya (juniorss) overall
ladies...marila kita sama2 menjaga dapur kita ye
sama2 guna sama2 la kita jaga na.. :D

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