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26 June 2011
this is the first trip to RSK 
this is my second time actually
the last one was last sem 
so this time it is the same with the previous activities
which is playing, dancing and singing hehe 
it is seriously fun
enjoying quality time with the old folks there is really a precious moment
me myself, i didn't got the chance to spend time with my own granny 
so when i was there it is really touching :'( 
although wajadiri event had just ended yesterday
all of the tired feeling and not enough sleep seems to be gone when i was there
still, pakcik hong kong is the best haha!
when we were playing the game mangkuk air tu
pakcik hongkong ajak ak menari haha
ak dgan senyum2 angguk2 lari kat tempat lain hehe
adoi..xnkla ak..ckupla sem lepas dok melekat dgan ak hehe
soo...the event ended at around 2 and we went back to utp
overall..memang best..and with all the new faces, it makes things more interesting :D

okayy..itu dia pakcik hongkong hehe..dia memang suka peluk ak =,='
yg baju kuning tu, that is my boyfren..hehe..the first time i met him, he took me by the hand and grabbed for my watch..he cannot speak..but he always stick with me :)

this one is adik, at least that is what she asked us to call her..she is very energetic everytime we went there

okay..that's all for now..babai :)

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