dikala ketandusan idea

skrang memang tgah ketandusan idea untuk update blog hehe
rite now, i am studying PI (haha suddenly i become diligent :D)
after PI i need to study for other subjects cause this sem
is just soooo...soooo crazy meh 
how come i need to study and at tthe same time i want to raya?
come on la..show me some pity haha..
sooo..what to write today
memang xd idea

tomorrow i will be going to RSK untuk bukak puasa dgan diorg :D

hehe..can't wait

so..back to the story, nk citer apa eh arini
ermm..haaa..i know2..today i want to say something about human behavior

words for today is:

human behavior is much more complicated than any kind of mathematical problem i had ever encountered

explain and describe it urself hehe
malas nk tulis panjang2 :D

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