exam timetable :O

the timetable for final examination is OUT!!!
huahua..and luckily
my paper starts the 8th of sept
and finished by the 13th 
however, the first day i will be having 2 papers, again!
which are Probstat and ITM
not a perfect combination hukhuk
for the second day, 9 sept
i will be having PI
then 11 sept; Sepro 2
and lastly 13, Thermo
luckily it is the last! hehe
so, i am planning to go back on the 3rd of sept
so means, ad la jgak masa kan hee
but, don't get to excited la
 like i said, this is just the 1st draft :)



the final time-table is out
deng! it is worst than before
huhu..my paper starts at 8th of september (thursday) and ended at 11th huhu
so, we only have 4 days (straight) to finish 5 papers huhu
1st day (8/9/11) - probstat and ITM
2nd day (9/9/11) - PI
3rd day (10/9/11) - thermo
last day (11/9/11) - sepro II

sedeh kan? huhu..dhla study week time raya and guess what
memang xsentuh langsung punla buku time tu huhu
now dh balik utp baru boleh bukak skit2 and i only have 4 more days left huhu
sedih..tapi berusaha la ye semua hukhuk


madihah said...

gudluck dear..i wish all d best 4 both of u n ammar..=)

p/s: blaja sungguh2 then kuar result nty tnjuk kt mama confirm leh kawen...hehehe

me said...

hehehe..owh itu cabaran..okeh ak blajar skrang haha.. thanks :D

madihah said...

amboi...bab kawen laju ja noh...haha