will be going to kl this morning
for the final presentation of our project
where we will be competing with 4 other universities in this final stage
hehe...wish all the best for us, team UTP- Rocketeer
the presentation will be at the Accenture HQ somewhere in KL
will be leaving at 830 naik bas UTP
memang kitorg xd 10 org je hehe
conquer seat la camni
walaupun ak contribute skit je*since ak xtau byak sgat term2 bisnes ni
maklumla..budak chemical kan hehe
well, blajar la kan..benda baru ni
budak ICT, BIS xpela dh biasa dgan benda ni semua
ak slama ni dok present bab experiment ja
mana nk tau kan..hehe..
so..wish all the best for us! if we did it we will get a grant of worth RM 70,000 kot!
that is A LOT of money..
hoping this team's goal can be achieved 

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