end of final

cerita after final 
hohoho..yesterday was the last paper for chemy students which is sepro II
comments?? denggg the questions were SUPER HARD seriously meh!
xpernah ak rasa seblurr begitu huhu
dhla appendix ad tapi bagi equation yg xyah guna dlm soklan deng! 
overall memang teruk gla! dhla mlas nk describe panjang2 huhu
bio je la begitu 

so...after balik tu terus je ak tido
zzzzzz....tido smpai 4 jam kot 
pehh tido lena gla!
after 4 days of a terrifying + super-exhausted days it all end yesterday
although it didn't end well, adoi..nvm la..there's always next sem rite
so..nnt la ye kita berusaha betul2 ye hehe

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