pemusnah harapan

hahahahaha silalah tgok jadual sy yg sgat HEBAT ini huahua
walaupun arini dh masuk ari yg ke-2 still nk letak jgak
cause this has been the cause of my failure so far
now i know that it is hard for me to excel in answering exam without a good, proper rest first
i tend to become unfocus, confused, careless and all of that sort of thing
just like the PI paper earlier, i wrote different value on my answer with the one in the calculator
not to mention, fail to answer all question since i terlepas pandang soalan tu
see how careless i can be? huhu..sedeyh..but still, i have no choice u see
i need to study cause if i sleep i will wake up feeling like i haven't studied at all
so all the burning the midnight oil is just like an assurance for me to feel safe to enter the examination hall tomorrow
not to mention, i just have sooo many to revise huhu
lets just hope same things won't happened again
although i must admit, it is kinda weird cause last sem i can survive having not enough sleep with answering the exam
or maybe that time i was just being totally prepared and ready for it?
and this time is because i have just messed up myself? 
haha don't is kinda true..i need to change, PLEASE!

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