remembering 2011 :)

it is almost new year and i'm here typing in my dearest blog.
actually kan, every time of the end of the year come, one thing that i really interested in knowing is imbasan 2011
suka sgat recap balik apa yg dh jadi kat dunia ni.kat negara kita.
kat paper kat news semua tunjuk. and yes. that's is the moment that i've been waiting hehe.
ap yg jadi kat dunia semua kita dh rekod and publish kat tv lagi.
ap yg dh jadi kat ak xd sapa k yg rekod? haha.mestila xd kan.xkan nk tunjuk kat tv plak.
hehe so.since xd sapa yg rekod so ak nk recap la sendiri2 eh. blehla2 hehe
so here it goes..

looking back in 2011 and i will smile remembering that there were just so many good and bad things that i had experienced.

one thing for sure, good things will never be forgotten.
like how i first involved in a charity event; moment to share RSK
meeting the unfortunate old people reminds me of my parents and i had promised that i will never abandoned them like's a sad reality scene to be watched.but regardless of what happen, they keep smiling and enjoying every minute of their life :')


see? semua org senyum.feel touched.and that is why, i chose to stay for my 2nd time with them hehe.this time nk dkat raya.

i'll miss i always miss my parents. :)

going on with life.adapting with the studying,quizzes,test and all.
alhamdulillah.this sem witnessed the greatest achievement i've ever got since foundie :)
but.but.but then.i was shocked by the 1 week sem break
and before i know it, i was utp
huhu..starts new sem
and yes.this sem had witnessed the worst result i've got since ug haha
but well, life goes on

life with friends always had been a wonderful one.
although i rarely meet my besties.sometimes yes.we hangout together.
updating our current life status.chitchatchitchat
yes there are far.but there are always near in my heart. :)
besides my besties. i had my chemy gurls. :)
remember the way we camwhore until midnite after our last paper?
yes.u guys are awesome!

owh.i've been given a chance to participate in great events with great people.
first is kejohanan wajadiri nasional 2011
although sedikit sedih sbb kali ni 1st time xmasuk team demo.still.xpala.salah sendiri jgak.
nevertheless, managing the event never have been an easy job for me.
but, thanks. u guys had make it easier for me.
i remembered abg nizar, abg amid, abg azwan cooling me down during breakfast.
and i also remembered how syahb saying things to keep me relax
and last but not least i also remembered how all of the committees work together to make this event is a success one
there were many flaws.since this is my first time.yes.a lot of flaws.
but that is where we learnt.thanks god.
and dear, u had done ur best.but i'm sorry i missed all of ur games huhu.

the other event. accenture skills to succeed. 
i've meet great people with great ideas.
and i was there being an observer.hehe
deva, petra, awang, panja, mazuin. be amazed with their ideas and opinions.
lastly, i just feels lucky and thank god i had been given the chance to involve with such people.

then, ermm..ha'a..this year is the first year me and my friends start cooking 
it all happened time bulan puasa kot.
we cooked.and yes we cooked hard.haha.ntahpapejeayat.
wan and yan are very great in potong2 apa yg patut lepasla hehe..
the enjoyment of eating our self-made food are very satisfying.
hehe..hope next sem pun boleh masak lagi
although yan dh xd huhu.

speaking of yan, 2011 witnessed the last moment of us being with yan
cause she is going to her internship period until april 2012 if not mistaken huhu.sad.real sad.

4 months holiday.the first job that i've ever did
although it is just as minah kilang.
i'm happy.cause it is my first time :)
and plus i met new friends; k.aishah, k.mehah, mizi, gita, aye aye, dayah, k.ina, wan.

me and family? as usual and will always be like that.
never can replaces the love for a family.cause there are no one like them.
love my family.semakin hari semakin sayang. :)

so that wrap up my 2011 memories.
although there are sad things but i wish not to tell it here.
all i hope is.make friends not enemy.
forgive and forget.
as easy like that.and that is how i hope my life will be.
so.2011, thanks for the memories
and also th people involved in it 
u'll be missed! :)

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