buku.nota.cute :D

mode: excited2.hehe
tadi tgah belek blog lists ternampak la satu update from conteng2
tau conteng2 ni apa?
hehe..nk tau klik sini
I don't know exactly who the writer is and everything.
but.i love his artwork.*i'm sure he is a man :D hehe
his latest artwork is this cute buku nota.
he made it himself.
serius comel.dgan cover page warna coklat tu
serius rasa mcm buku skolah rendah dulu2 hehe

see? comel kan..hee..
the price is only RM15
plus u will get freebies too.hehe
isn't that a fair deal or no?
hehe..mcm2 lagi yg dia jual
like stickies2 ala mcm sticky notes tu
cuma yg ni adala dia lukis2 skit jadi comel gla :D
besides that, ada jgak compilation of his artwork sepanjang dia berblog
dh ada 2 series kot. xbaca lagi.nantila kalau rajin.hee 
overall, slpas tgok je cover notebook ni terus ak jatuh cintan and terus ak antar email nk tempah kat dia hee
i bought 2 for me and one more for zaza hehe
thanks a lot to zaza cause she was the one who recommend this blog to me hee :D

p/s: i'm not an agent or whatsoever. just sharing what i think is cute hehe :)

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