hello 2012 :)

yup.today is the 1st of January 2012 
like the previous year, azam taun baru haruslah ada kan? hehe
walaupun xtercapai sgat pun, still,writing it down will make it happen someday
hehe..so lets check last year punya resolution
hahaha so far, xd satu pun yg dh buat
less sleep? impossible cause i love sleeping
buat budget? impossible cause i usually end up buying things i didn't want
save money? ha..yg ni boleh.dh buat dh pelan2..okla tu no..hehe
so, this year resolution we start with something small

2012 Resolution

*sleep early so u won't miss 8 a.m classes
*don't ever skip breakfast
*manage study time wisely *owh.nk jadi nerd kah ak next sem? huahua
*save money*nanti cepatla bleh kawen haha
*don't go shopping as u like; buy things when needed only
*learn to cook with wan hehe
*baca al-mathurat pagi/petang.lebih afdal, dua2
*puasa isnin/khamis or dua2
*be a better servant,
daughter, sister, friends and g/f hehe
*jgan asyik merajuk, nanti cpat tua! haha
*be married or getting engaged on 12/12/12 or 20/12/12 *hehe this is so just angan2 haha

azam taun ni mcm senang je.so let's follow~ hehe

yup.i'm hoping 2012 will bring good memories for me and also a change in myself. 
last but not least;

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