lastlast.blogskin entah ke mana.segala tutorial entah ke mana juga.segala template juga entah ke mana.
simple jgak yg menjadi pilihan hati.
padahal masih segar lagi di ingatan how i was so crazy about using blogskin.
i've changed 5 blogskin until today.
but then, out of a sudden
tgok blog sendiri and xrasa apaapa.nothing in the inside.
maybe because the skin doesn't reflect me.
since it is custom made and i don't where to change and whatsoever.
so now, changed to simple template.
more reflecting me i think.
so overall, i am a simple person like my blog also.
simple, love white color, xsuka serabut, xinteresting and yeah simple.
dh brapa kali ak sebut simple.haha.
in the mean time yes, i am in this being simple mode.
who knows maybe tomorrow or tomorrow2 i will change my blog to something interesting. 
who knows.kan? hee..

owh.arini ada kenduri.
and guess what.
i stepped on cat's popoo*eh korg faham x ni? haha it means tahi la hehe
yes. i stepped on it happily when i was about to enter the car
and i just realized it when i feel like something is wet sticking at my foot
and yes. i touched it. proudly. and yes it is wet, colored, and of course, wangi!
i need to brush my foot for 3 times to get rid of the smell! oh.why me? huhu
and, to balong. sorry i make ur car smelly.
since he is at kl and i'm really sure he didn't read my blog, so selamat la.hehe

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