things that i did on 1st Jan

citer ni dh lama
tapi lupa nk update hee
so, the way i celebrate the 1st of January 2012
was by:

hanging with my dearest friend, zahidah :)

we went to aneka after zohor prayer
bought a random movie ticket which was Papa, I love You :D
went in.cried a little bit.muahaha.such a is me actually.not zahidah.hee sembang2 sambil hirup mocha shake haha
we talk about a lot of stuff and i mean it, A LOT. haha..
mostly we talked about:

  • current relationship
  • problems
  • studies
  • career
  • friends
  • yah, we are girls and we basically talk about EVERYTHING! hee 
so basically we were just talking.sampai dh masuk asar.solat.then balik.ngee
although it was just for a short time, it really meant a lot.
ever heard of the saying, the less, the better? hee :)
*since we were so busy chatting, i didn't remember to snap pictures
so, i just edit one.okla tu eh? hee

okeh.nampak sgat photoshop.xpala ak xreti lagi nk bagi nmpk real.haha

then, time malam plak
me and my family went to alor star
ordered medium-sized steambot,
mangkuk dia ja dtg paling awal haha

sate ayam and
abah ordered kambing barbeku
however, kambing tu yg smpai dulu walaupun order dia last skali huahua

serius sedap.xtipu.walaupun harga dia 9 ringgit kira berpatutan la jgak.sbb sgat sedap. :)

sate ayam 20 cucuk.asyik telan je.punyala lapar.

then last skali barula smpai the menu of the nite.steamboat.

sumbat je smua.hahaha

yg ni of course la yg ak.smpai xcukup mangkuk tu ha.mkan sampai melecur lidah haha

owh.and.i'm buying.guna duit advance yg dpat aritu.
a little money spent for ur family, is the blessed for ur entire money
orait.yg tu je nk story.dh xd new year starts with my love one.walaupun x semua.jadila hee. :) 


Mohamad Shahrilniza said...

Bnda paling jauh dgn kita adalah masa lampau...hargailah sekarang sebab suatu hari nnti ia aka jadi saat yg mgkin paling kita rindukan..

Izzatipatrick said...

yup.indeed it is. like how i missed my childhood and all the schools..haha..u sure u r at the rite post to comment? hehe

Mohamad Shahrilniza said...

jap kat mane nih? (=.=!)
haih..wat blog plik2 ngat eh..

Izzatipatrick said...

hahaha mesti shahril nk komen kat yg atas tu kan? hehe..bukan org yg buatla org lain yg buat.hehe..