utp oh utp!

sedih memang sedih.
baru siap packing baju.and esok dh nak balik utp.
biar betul? it's hard to believe it myself. serious.
i didn't feel like i want to go back there yet.
although it is just for a few days. i feel so reluctant. i don't have the heart to do it.
I want to be at home just a little bit longer until the holiday officially end.
cause there won't be any long holiday like this one anymore. really.

so, i've decided.
I will come back home after i've finished my job at utp.
hehe..bukanlah ada kerja byak sgat pun.
kalau xd apa2 dh insyaAllah i will be back minggu ni jgak.
or plan elok2 and buy tiket siap2 kalau kna balik weekend
maklumla..nk raya cina kan..kang tiket abis plak.hehe..
owh.terlupa lak. the unsolved issues of our room for next sem.
membuatkan ak lagi membara2 plak nk balik utp and face my beloved fellow.
please, let a few rooms available for us.
just 2 or 3 rooms. not asking for so much. huhu.
pray hard.

the funny thing when I was packing my clothes.
banyaknya baju..bila beli ni ntah? pernah pkai k blom eh?
and i ended trying each and every newly-discovered dress/shirt for almost an hour.
owh.now that is a waste of time.
padahal packing brapa minit je.hehe..
my clothes seems to be so many in quantity
but i wonder why i feel like i don't have enough baju when i need to choose one.
erm.ni kes xbersyukur ni.aishh.insaflah dear me.
jgan beli byak2 dh next sem :D

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