appointment with doc gigi

after months of suffering from sakit gigi yg serius sakit xtau pasaipa
akhirnya ptg tadi segalanya selesai
with just 19 minutes, the dentist managed to heal my teeth with her magical touch and her many-awesome tools
hehe..ntah pape
berbalik kpada main point.
rupa2nya ada makanan yg terlekat kat celah gigi ak yg dok kat blakang ni
and when it is stuck there, bacteria will start to work leaving my gum infected with them
that is why when i brush my teeth there will be a lot of blood that tag along with it
sbbnya i'm actually brushing the part of my gum which was being infected
LOL me cause at first i thought it was ulser
cause at that time i was working on my 4 months holiday when i noticed there was a big-balloon shape on my gum at the back of my tooth
seriously thought it was ulser and when it exploded with a lot of blood
i'm just assuming it is okay already not knowing that there are still there
skrang je yg rasa sakit xtahan tu
and yes. i told the symptom to my mum last friday and she was the one who explained it to me.
oh my well-rounded mother. hehe..
tadi pg jmpak dentist haa amikla engkau
teruk ha dia kerjakan. haha
anyway the dentist was a women. a nice one seriously. lembut je dia handle gigi ak
except at that part when she was flossing my teeth
and she even said "mintak maaf ye dik" huh? she flossed my teeth and the moment she was about to pull it back 
i could have sworn that i felt like my tooth was going out too
serius kuat gla dia tarik siap berbunyi lagi.
haha..tapi xsakit pun..terkejut ja..that part yg dia tampal gigi owh.ngilunyala rasa..huhu
and also. i bite the suction pump. haha..then the doc was like.. eh jgan gigit. haha
sori xtahan..muahaha..
bila dh abis smua, doktor pesan 6 bulan skali datang ye buat appointment
owh okay doktor. *last sy pg jmpk doktor gigi adalah time form 1 haha
patutla mcm2 masalah haha
then..nk bayaq bil. demn. lupa bawak kluaq duit tadi.
nervously waiting for the bil and nasib baik total 95 ringgit je..and yes. i only have that amount in my purse hehe

so..silalah insaf skrang ye. sblom tido gosok gigi. and flossing jgak. my mum pesan kumoq listerine. owh believe me, i will do all of it. cannot bare to go through that process again. hehe..

anyway i love doktor gigi! they fix my teeth and i can smile again. haha lol. mcmla selama ni ak xpernah dok sengih. :D


madihah said...

thank God u're ok now dear..haa pasni rajin2 gosok gigi yee...hehehe

Izzatipatrick said...

muahaha thanks..i will for sure. insaf dahh hehe

Anonymous said...

tukar profession jadi doktor gigi lah.
buleh buat org sengih slalu