ak mau pulang!!!

ni time tgah kekeringan idea nk buat progress report hehe

tgok title pun tahu kan?
ak nk balik rumah!! seriously.
huhu..it has been a long time since i last balik rumah 
since bukak sem lagi ak blom pulang
now dh mid sem kot
i really miss my home sweet home
ada je can nk balik rumah tapi xleh nk balik huhu
bukan byak kerja sgat pun tp xtaula pasaipa xbalik 
i guess the reason i really miss going back home is the fact that byak benda yg jadi since the last time i was there

first; my cat died. huhu..and i'm not there huhu

2nd; my mum undergo an operation and i'm not there also. think it is my 2nd time..previously pun i was not there when i was in form 4 huhu

3rd; my dad's birthday. and when i think about it i was never actually there during my dad's birthday and my mum too..huhu..

think that are the reasons why i missed going back soo much.
although this mid-sem is only like 4-days holiday
i will still be really grateful even if it is only for weekend.

3 days more..let the time flies faster please..
nasib baik rumah dekat.huhu


kiorsly said...

hebat lah korang :) bha, enjoy your time with your family. mine will be on the end of march! :)

Izzatipatrick said...

alaa loliii xbalik k?? huhu..sedihnye..xpe2..kejap je pun cuti..