awkward moment #1

the awkward moment when in the middle of the lecture
the lecturer was in front teaching something on the board
ur classmates all were in silent *maybe trying to understand what is being taught
and then you; out of sudden, innocently berdehem very hard to fix ur sore throat and all the mucus stuck in ur respiratory tract *i really thought it is a normal thing to do
and then the whole of the class was like berdehem too and gelak2
and suddenly the lecturer "why? what happenend? " 
deng. haha xpasal je..malu den. tutup muka dgan buku.bye!

p/s: seriously sakit tekak. pgla jauh2 skit. nk ckap pun pelik. nk telan air liur pun sakit. nk gelak telahla pelik. 

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