owh.lamanya rasa xupdate pape.
even birthday sendiri pun xsempat nk update lagi haha..nnt2 la plak ye pasal tu
so, now nk ckap pasal something that keeps me busy since the past few days
it is actually the day for IRC Carnival Bookfair!!
it is a long wait for this event. it is supposed to be scheduled earlier than this but then it is okay
despite of the leisure time, byak jgak kerja yg xdapat disiapkan
nk buat cane..serius byak gla benda nk pkir smpai xsempat nk buat
manakan dgan smua org nk busy dgan ETP lagi..

erm..so lets see, apa yg ada time event ni?
ermm..mcm2 ada..hehe
yg paling paling paling best; of course sbb ada BOOKXCESS!!!!
sgat3 berterima kasih dkat sponsor dept sbb manage to get them here. hehe
selain bookxcess ad gak Lejenpress, Karangkraf, Gempakstarz and Ana muslim
besides that, ada gak kedai baju, tudung, cupcakes, mingo2, brooch erm..mcm2 lagi la
and also, ada booth from pos malaysia
sgat best sbb kita boleh print gambar kita utk dijadikan setem
but since ak baru tau last day tu maka xsempat la kan nk merepek2 bagai hehe
the crowd is awesome. most of the people are happy.
even encik azaman looks happy. maybe. i donno haha..

the sad thing is, i didn't got the chance to go wandering around the booth cause most of the time me and maizat need to be at the chancellor hall to serve the food
erm..bosan. smua sbb xckup manpower and most of them got classes.
nasiblaa..ksian kat ak ngan maizat
first day memang xsempat lgsung 2nd day kitorg tutup kedai awal
terus pg poket d merendek2 hehe..
overall, i'm very glad cause all of this are over.
although there are many flaws here and there, at least we had tried our best.
to the F&B committees and dear sv, thanks a lot! u guys had helped me a lot!
especially to maizat! sayang maizat!!! hehe :D

kitorg sbnarnya satu kelas. hehe :D

 me and maizat; last day baru dpat berjalan2 :)

the only book that i bought. excitednya nk baca..belek punya belek memang ada lagu yg si oompa-loompa tu nyanyi mcm dlm movie hehe..
at first nk beli something borrowed. first day ada lagi. 2nd day lesap langsung. huhu..

conclusion, hope that the next IRCC will invite bookxcess again. please! jauhla nk g kl. hehe

p/s: thanks to beloved PM a.k.a Che'ju and APM, faiqah. there are times when i feel so touched with u guys. hehe..not touching, tacing tu it is terharu. hehe. :)

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