my dad, my hero ;)

today 3/3/2012
marks the date of the 52th birthday of a great, nice, handsome man
which is my dad hee ;)
it has been 52th year, half of century that is.
and u r still here by my side
encouraging me in all way a dad will do for his children
i remembered how i need to sleep with my dad kain pelikat when he is not at house
i really miss the moment of me being his little girl
cause actually i didn't remembered much
and what's with being older and we didn't spend much time at our home anymore
even i was away from home since form 4 and it is counting
however, i do know one thing that is
u will always be the no 1 man in my heart
though i may have a husband one day
u will always be the man that i will remember the most
and for this day, ur birthday
i will always pray for ur health and everything. 
cause i love u dear daddy ;)

gambar time mrsm. haha..form 4 rasanya.


mira@mia@yong@kakya said...

ayah zati kacak bergaya :)

Izzatipatrick said...

hehe thanks father like daughter. eh boleh plak haha

Shauqi Shiro said...

yg tukang tgkap gmbaq nie lg encem dan bergaya hahaha