yup tomorrow is the end of Engineering Team Project subject
it will be our last and it can also be considered as our final exam for ETP
but it will be in the presentation form. 
how scary is that??
45 minutes of presentation.
10 minutes for Q&A 
OMG. it will be like 1 hour for me. huhu
wish all the best for us.
nk update lg dh xmampu.
baru balik praktis presentation 
and it was berterabur. haha
tomorrow meet one more time before final presentation.
pray for the best.

lamanya la rasa x buat presentation.
kaku dh lidah nk bercakap. huhu

it will be the end. unless we are selected for SIDEX. :)

p/s: tadi time smpai v5, selisih dgan karam singh walia. tapi bila dh lepas baru perasan. aa should have asked for his autograph. i'm ur biggest fan :D

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