last and only presentation :)

the presentation was over. OVER :D
although the judges asked so many questions that were very hard to answer
nevertheless, we were just like. 
just answer it. don't mind if it is right or not. first there was only one judge but then
yup. my fluid mechanics Dr Suriati is the second judge.
haha..sedikit cuak di situ.
at the end of the day, luckily for me they only asked about the liquid
which i know how to answer. 
overall, luckily the prototype works
it just that they did asked us about the solar thingy things to us. hehe
which by the way ashy baru je dok wondering kalau diorg tya ni nk jawab apa hehe
overall. allrite! akhirnya it's all over.
all of that late night sleep. endless chat in gmail.
and also all of the laughter that we shared. especially me and nia hehe
lega gila rasa. mcm satu burden dh berjaya dikurangkan. hehe
mcmla byak sgat kan kerjanya. hehe
so, sapa2 yg dpat masuk SEDEX tu good luck la ye. 
to my ETP-mates, yup. u guys are very awesome!
thanks for all the hardwork and teamwork :)
and also to our supervisor AP Dr Shuhaimi bin Mahadzir, thanks a bunch!
thanks u all 
u guys rock:D
jawer, vix, nia, me, ashy, madtau.

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