they called it life

it is nearer.
at first it felt happy cause finally u can feel very independent and be in a working environment
away from books, tests, assignments, lab, quizzes.
but then it struck me when i remember
all of the things that will be not there anymore.

it is awesome if we got at the same or near place 
then we can like share the house or even rooms
but then if not
we'll be away from each other
so there'll be no talking with each other
no frequent lepaking after makan
no more karok
no more eating cakes together
no more camwhore 
sad facts but it is the truth

this is super duper sad fact that i need to face
they'll be no more someone that i can rely on my time of need the most
even now if i was at the registra and feel tired to walk back to my village
he will pick me up.
despite of what he is doing.
things will surely not be the same again
plus if we were far from each other.
serius sedih.

its hard to face the truth
but we'll just wait and see of what will happen.
anything that happens
life goes on.

this is the only way we can go on with our life peacefully. hopefully.

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