dh lama tersimpan kat draft hewhew
so here it is, Chemy JAN09 Internship Dinner
with the theme Rose Violet Night
which was held on 29th June at Heritage Hotel.

the place was great.
the people were awesome
the food was great
the activity is superb.

lets just see the picture
malas nk taip panjang2 hehe

geng2 izzazie

jawe, faiz, din

acap, mi, ehsan. muhaimin

geng2 mysayangsss hee

yun. the restiss hehe

time nyanyi2 hee

jeng3 king and queen of the nite :D

the boys

the girls
all of us :D

jeng3 i dapat hadiah sleepyhead, exchange present with faiqah and cabutan bertuah berupa hamper hee..murah rezeki
leftie: wan, fifie, faiz kizman,me syahir hee

last but not least
my beloved
GPL :)

great dinner uolss
my first time plak tu. ngee 
jom buat lag time dh grad plak ye..hee

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