it's 1247 am and today marks 24th of september
meaning that i am one week away from going for my internship
and it also means that i've been away from utp for 2 weeks now
sad. bukan sbb tggai buku okay. haha

straight to the point,
i've been alone here
maksudnya, xdak kawan la bkn dok sorg2 kat rumah hihi
diorg ni smua p pakat smbung blajaq plak dh ak cuti
yg lain plak kawan2 utp la balik k rumah masing2 dh xdk sorg pon yg dekat sini
huhu..sedihnye rasa
so, this post is dedicated to those whom i missed the most.

1) BFF :)

2) Dearest GPL

 3) Yayan and wawan 

there are a few more people whom i missed the most.
-My bee-double-u-peas'ians
-My 5 Griffyndor's classmates
-Few more people from leklau ;)

seriously missing them
wherever you guys are
take a good care of yourself and be safe
till we meet again someday sometime
Insyaallah :)

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