Wrapping up 3rd year

i know it has been a month and a few days since the result for 3rd year 2nd semester was posted
but i only managed to see it today.
and it was. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
hahaha..let's just wrapped this 3rd year period
it has been officially my worst year ever. (not included foundation haha)
i got the grade which i have never obtained before
and i got gpa which i had never went before
but then, all of these links to the individual at last which is me
i think i'm getting lazy nowadays *don't have to think it is true haha
and yes, i deserved those grades and i accept it with open heart hihi
reasons for being lazy? i seriously don't know
maybe because i'm not certain about this course.
boleh pulak mcm tu.
haha..xla..biasala ni
wandering around to find some common ground to stand
that's me. haha
so goodbye dear 3rd year, and hello final year *next year 

*arini adalah hari yg sgat melucukan.
thanks kepada ana dan jgak atul i'm developing six pack right now gara2 gelak smpai keras perut haha
*arini ada encik yg sgat baik hati telah menumpangkan kami pulang hihi. thanks hibban!
*arini jgak I jadi blushing sendirian baca blog sv utp i yg dtg mlawat aritu. aish. Thank you sir. You really had made my day :)

Today i've experienced happy-sad-glad-happy-sad :(
Don't know what tomorrow might come.

Here a little something that will light your heart;

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