We are coming to the end

Long time no type.
Biasala org yg xpandai mengurus masa memang mcm ni
Kalut sentiasa kerja bertimbun2
Remember peeps, procrastination is the thief of time! hikhok
So really, we are really approaching to the end
I got my FYP viva this Wednesday
and FYDP viva on Friday 
these will be my last presentation throughout my years of study here

On the other topic,
The draft for final exam has already come out.
So my major will finish the last paper :O on the 5th of January
It is very early for me considering the exam period is from 1-12 January. :(
Both of my papers will be on the weekend, EIS first then PO.
Hoping for the best! Seriously!

So, road to graduation is still very far
But, the unofficial one is nearer;
19 days left 

Life's hard

it's been a hectic week
especially to all of us the chemy jan09 batch
i don't know whether it is us or the deadline which cramped to one day  for both projects
haha really can't tell
padahal salah sendiri

so this monday is the deadline for
FYDP report submission
and also
Pre-Sedex poster presentation for our FYP

that's all.


Lamanyalahai x menulis dlm ni hihi
Sorry been busy lately. Busy sgat since last sem x post anything haha
So we are already approaching new month which is November yawww
Maka dh nk dekat akhir2 taun ni ramaila yg convo
Especially yg sama umoq dgan aku
Merata la. kat UTP ni budak batch kitorg tapi course ICT, BIS
kat ukm ada utm pon ada smua pon adala
So to all my friends yg dh convo haritu

Zillion of congrats to all of you
Best of luck in your future undertakings.
Sure it feels nice knowing most of you has already leading a good life :)

Back to the story

Disebabkan faktor sekeliling especially UTP yg dh di-decorate jadi ala2 i-city utk sambut convocation ni and disebabkan kitorg punya convo tahun depan bulan 10 walaupun abis blajaq bulan 1 nanti, maka kami pun menggigihkan diri utk menangkap gambar di studio lengkap berpakaian seorang graduan haha
pulon sgat kau jah
Robe2 ni adalah hasil kegigihan mereka yg berkenaan yg sudi menolong senior2
So give and take la kan haha
boleh plak.
Dipendekkan cerita,
the mission is accomplished.
thanks to pakcik yg charge murah and sudi melayan kerenah kami yg bukan2 ni hehe

Love all of you girlfriendss
Really hope we can do this again next year,

pose wajib GPL :)

Final year

is tough.
enough said. 
with all the late night sleep
not enough sleep
and meeting
and meeting again.

complicated core subjects
back-to-back testss
scary lecturer
the i-know-ur-name-so-u-can't'-skip-class lecturer
well that one i take it as a compliment cause no lecturer even hardly know my name
except for a few one :)

i try so hard not to complaint
but it seems so hard not to do it
i try so hard not to mengeluh
tapi laju jgakla mulut ni mengeluarkan kata2 keluhan yg berpanjangan

anyway, skrang tgah cuti 
actually x start cuti lagi pun
cuti official start rabu minggu depan
td dh xd kelas chowla awal2 kan hehe
dhla raya keempat dh kna balik dh
so, stop complaining get ur hand on the keyboard and finish ur work! 

wanna know what; FYP and FYDP is not the thing that makes me happy
but since if i got A in both poject i will be extra super happy i will try to enjoy you both
i think about you every single day
even in my dream. 

Things are getting better

My FYP is on the right track
My FYDP is postponed to week 13/14
My CA lab had already end
I'm not an awaken zombie anymore
I had enough sleep


On the other side,
The academic thingy is not doing so well
I destroyed my HI+PUS+CA test
BIG TIME! haha

Guess when you got one thing
You will lose the other one

But it doesn't have to be that way you know
Obviously, i'm still in the stage of learning
Learning; it never ends right.

Salam Ramadhan


Sekarang dah masuk 4 Ramadhan
Alhamdulillah kita masih lagi diberi kesempatan utk menyambut bulan yg mulia ni. :)
Cuaca kat utp so far best. sbb xpanas sgat hee..
slalu je hujan malam2. sodapnyela tido hahahaha
anyway this will be the last time i will be fasting at utp as a student.
xsangka dh 5 tahun rupanya puasa kat utp ni.
hee will be missing it later.

last week has been a very hectic week
with all the proposal defence, test bagai. adoi.
but next week is expected to be no different
because ada fydp and also got 2 tests.
cane nk balik ni.

okayla baiklah botet.
selamat berpuasa ye rakan2
iolzz tgah busy ni uolzz hahahaha

p/s: tgokla ramadan yg hilang please! best tau uolzz!

shabu.shabu. and karokss

it has been  long time since i posted something about my dearest GPL
even yg melaka pon xupdate lagi
adoiila..forgive me for my laziness haha
so last friday we went out for our first outing as a final year student
haha..xg mana pon
pg shabu shabu sajeee
tu je yg mampu dompet pun dh terkoyak rabak haha
kitorg sampai around pkul 8 camtu dh lambat dh
lpas maghrib terus meliar
disebabkan baru haritu ak dtg shabushabu maka perut capacity pon menurun
adala berapa ketul je ketam yg boleh dihadam
haha..diorg ni mcm biasala. mcm boya dh masing2 haha
lama gakla kitorg kat situ sampai abisla citer izzu islam yg hensem tu hehe
lpas tu next destination; karoks!
haha amek 2 jam terus amekaww tu pun rasa mcm xcukup haha
penat gakla dok melalak
tapi lagu paling best i must say it was cintaku seratus persen-mas idayu
muahahahaha itu sgat epic okay!
walaupun suara ak memang serius xsedap
tapi ak xkesah. melalak ja kerjanya haha
it is right; woman doesn't need to use microphone
it is as loud as if we were using it. haha
anyway it was such fun to hang out with the gurlss
we arrived quite late around 230 am aishh meliar benau haha
lpas tu masing2 mcm hangover teruk haha
adoii mengalahkan org yg pergi clubbing
erk. x2. kidding. hehe
with that; byeee
currently tgah melayan dragon ball muahaha

GPL <3 font="">

krew MBL :D

krew KBR haha :D

cute baby spotted at shabu shabu hehe

Final Year Project

it has been weeks since we all got our FYP title
walaupun xdapat apa yg dimintak
tapi okayla. *yg mintak pon xtau apa haha
the interesting part is i got the same supervisor for my FYP as well as my FYDP
haha..so i will be with her for 2 semester and my 12 credit hours depend totally on her
adoi. susah jgak tu hehe..
she is a Chinese lecturer graduated from USM
Dr Yeong Yin Fong
first meeting FYDP dgan dia i found that she is quite nice and a very helpful sv
i loike.
anyway my FYP title was changed to something else
she left me with two choices and she totally leave it to me to choose it
so i think she is very nice.
xdela sesuka hati je tukar tajuk kita kan.
hee..so my FYP project title is

Development of T-type Zeolite for Separation of CO2

hahahahahahaha don't ask me
i don't have any idea on what that is. muahahaha
need to do many ground research before i can proceed with the extended proposal writing.

hoping for the best.
time management is very important.
and so far i failed. haha


Free semacam

haha..seriously free semacam je kelas final year ni.
pelik plak ak kononnya xbiasa padahal suka haha
isnin xd kelas, selasa dua jam, rabu xd kelas, khamis satu kelas. -.-
apakahh haha
there are certain groups yg dh start meeting for FYDP
FYP blom kluar lagi tajuk. 
so as long as these two xjalan lagi
i'm still free :D
but i'm expecting this is the last week utk bersenang lenang 
next week mcm dh busy ja muahaha
okayla jom layan dc dulu hihi 

The end of first week

So it marks the end of first week in the Final year first semester.
Donno what to say and how to feel.
The timetable was so free that we were almost free for monday and friday.
Monday ada plak satu tutorial kat situ and jumaat depends on dpt lab group yg mana klau selasa cutila jumaat hee
Tapi xtahula kan. Xnak expect apa2. Biar je la. hehe
The major electives subject; two of them both 3 jam straight.
My god! lapar dan ngantok okay hehe. Satu ari rabu satu khamis. adoi.
tapi satu kelas ja la seminggu which is great and bad at the same time.
Great sbb satu je kelas the bad thing is klau xdtg sekali abislaaa haha
Anyway, yesterday we need to choose our FYP project.
hurmm..apa2la tajuknya. ak pun xpaham.
so last2 ambik mana yg interesting je hehe.
really hope i got that first choice. 
let's just hope for the best.
Esok nk balik rumah!!!
heee xsabonyeee
esok kan cuti wesak. kalau xcuti pun memang cuti jgak. 
sbbnya lab memang xstart lagi so mmg freela hehe.

Really hope i am making the right choice by choosing PPE as my major.

[GPL] of FizahTaufik wedding

Can you believe it?
Our friend dah kawennnn
My god!!! Can't believe this!!!

Hafizah Junaidi & Taufik 

Semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir cucu.
Do pray for me okay! hehe

Sebak tatkala fizah peluk ayah dia.
Crying because I am imagining my dad at that time. :'(

prop. penat ak buat. betapa gigihnyala. haha. nnt recycle2 je haha

the lovely bride; Hafizah :)

Fizah and Taufik; both are my coursemate.

the gegurlsss. ramai lagi yg datang sebenarnya. hehe

Doakan yg terbaik utk kalian berdua. Amin. :)

Farewell #2

okay. bila dh start susah plak nk stop. haha.
kali ni bukan bercerita panjang lebar. 
cuma nk cakap about my final presentation.
On that day, sakit perut yg teramat sgat. 2 kali ulang jamban. adoi. haha
i was the first to go.
And although the presentation is at pah's level; level 9*kena tukar lif bagai
nak dekat satu department jgak yg turun. apakahhh cuakk
the last time i was giving a presentation is in front of my coursemate for PCS class.
Kali ni. apakahhhh terkejut mak!
Sv utp, En Zamri pun terkejut bila sampai.

"Is this part of the training?"

"Err..I think it is sir. It's like a tradition here"


Pah tlg jaga slide.
The first part was the hardest part. To Start.
But bila dh start, adoi susah plak nk berhenti haha.
I am actually talking to myself when I was giving the presentation
"Banyaknya aku cakap" haha. okay itu lawak.

Bila dh abis ckap TQ and now I open for Q&A session
perghhh lega yg teramattt
but.but. jgan lega sgatla. Q&A ntah apa2la plak.
byak plak Sir Sathiya yg ganti Encik Zul tu tya.
Dh tu kalau salah dia geleng plak tu cakap "NO" haha adoii
xpala. i have tried my best sir. hehe.
Overall rasanya xd soalan pun yg ak jawab betul smua merapu because it was so technical.hehe

My handsome and stylish UTP supervisor, Encik Zamri. hehe
ramai yg puji kata lecturer awak hensemla. muahaha proud. tiba2 lak kan. 

*sedikit lega bila Kak Woo kata I was doing fine. Great presentation. But you talk too fast! hehe betul tuuu but at the same time lega!

Thanks to all! Xpernah lagi menghadap org ramai mcm tu.
Xtaula boleh buat lagi k x. Aritu pun dh ketaq lutut haha.

End of Internship. Farewell #1

Please forgive my extreme laziness in updating the blog.
haha mcmla ada org heran kan. 
anyway back to the story, actually it has been almost a month since i have ended my internship.
I would say it was a bittersweet memories for me.
There are ups and downs. (*down is when I slept at my desk almost every morning haha)
Ups? I donno. Everytime I managed to do the work assigned by the engineers I felt I am accomplished enough. haha padahal kerja apa ja pon kan.
Malas la nk bercakap pasal technical stuff, software yg diberi kesempatan utk belajar
Sbb smua org pon mesti experience benda ni kan. And what's more to that most of it won't last long enough.
What is more important is building our self-characteristics. Apakahh haha
Maksud aku adalah pembinaan dari segi sahsiah dan keperibadian gitu hehe bahasa melayu jgak yg sedapnya hehe
I donno how is my achievement in that section
But I do know which part that needs a major improvement. 
Let's hope I will get there someday. 

Now, let me recap on my last day at the office.
The day before was seriously hectic because i was running*literally everywhere to buy something for my beloved officemate.
seriously penat! balik pon dh lambat. esok2 tu pg kerja perghhh banyak benau beg yg ak kena bawak.
besar gabak ha. dahla berjalan berkilo meter. haha..lawak.
nk dijadikan cerita, bangun lambat plak tu. so memang pergi kerja sorang2 la kan haha
the last week was awesome. bangun lambat as long as check in before pkul 9. 
the closest time i have ever checked in is at 8.59 am. Fuhh. Cuak mak!
that was the day when pipah and wawa ada final presentation haha.
back to the story, last day pun busy benau! xboleh nk sembang2. saddd..
pagi xingat plak ak buat apa.haha..tgahari menapak pg wangsa walk ambik hadiah sv.
balik2 dgar bos anis bagi nasihat then kena panggil dgan kak ghan naik atas. Our farewell is about to start.
Atas bantuan kak aza and the gang, eh ada geng k? haha
We managed to do a simple farewell party with bihun and kuih muih.
Tiba2 NG and kak woo dtg dgan kek secret recipe. awwww so sweet. touching plak.
Tertulis 'Thanks Izzati & Lukman' :3 
xtahu plak kena bagi speech ntah apa2la ak merapu haha then encik zul plak bagi ucapan diikuti makan2
The thing is I donno but i am not sad on that day. 
Maybe it is because i really99 want this to end so badly because of that 'matter'
But, I am super duper sad because i need to leave Kak. Ghan, Afiq and Lakshmi. I donno. Maybe they were the one who gives the biggest impact on me. Kak Ghan was like my mother. Afiq was like my brother and Lakshmi was like my teacher I never have.
I am also sad because I need to leave the entire staff in the Process and Safety department.
okay that was sad. Because they treated us like a family. They were outgoing, friendly, not snobbish at all and most importantly super-duper nice. Really gonna miss them all :)
okay baru terasa nk sedih sebenarnya haha.

Anyway, thanks to all of you that have painted a colorful bright colours throughout my internship there.
Thanks for being a part of this wonderful and life changing experience. 
There are no words and no materialistic thing that can pay what you have done to me.
Thanks :')

*I got this really beautiful handbag from the department chosen by Kak Ghan. It totally suits my taste. Thanks a bunch! :)

*Also I love my gurls yg bersama2 menempuh saat2 intern kat sini. Love uolsss! Walaupun semua xbrapa rapat kat UTP but you are all that i have during my intern.*in office obviously hehe


Amazing Race. Awesome race. Bila lagi nk merasa berlari2 daripada great eastern sampai ke KLCC. haha. walaupun xmenang. Experience is everything.

time ni pipah masih malu2 kucing haha

Process and Safety team.

Team-mates. Walaupun kalah. We tried our best hehe (Kak Dewi and Yen)

 Fire Drill. Seksa benau turun tangga dgan kaki sakit penangan amazing race. haha

Last2 day intern. Meja dh kosong benau haha

Farewell. Cenderahati from the company. Thanks! (Ni boss anis hehe)

All of us :)


Farewell Department.
Kak. Ghan! My konti-mate, my luahan-mate, my breakfast-mate, my everything mate! :)

My supervisor. Somehow his advice was so highly-motivating and at the same time makan dalam gitu. hehe..anyway such a remarkable and a great man with a deep passion toward his work. :)

Last memory. 13/4/13. Rembat 2013 Crew.
Awesome crew. Awesome people. Awesome hangout. Overall you guys are super duper awesome!
Wish the very best of luck to all of you. :)

okeh. Last. Name tag. Nasib baik ada tangkap gambar. Sbb hr mintak balik bagi tali je sobs. haha.

Bila org tya intern mana ak pun xtahu nk jawab apa. kat tali tulis lain kat surat tawaran tulis lain kat beg tulis lain kat pendrive tulis lain. ha amekaw. haha
nk popular skit ckp petrofac sbb international company.
tapi sepatutnya we should be more proud saying it is RNZ Integrated because it was established and owned wholly by bumiputera. 
To be able to stand out and established such a strong consultation company to the extend attracting international company to join is trully remarkable.
Anyway. Hoping the best for the company, the staffs and the people which i will genuinely miss. 
Thanks for everything. :)

Review for the company;
A remarkable place to 'learn' something. Exposed to real-life working environment. Walaupun bukan hands-on, consultation provide you the basic in designing. haha not really sure how to put it. But if you want to see the correlation between what you have learnt in university and how it is being used in the industry then this place is suitable for you. A great place to learn but not the place that will give you 4-flat easily. Very strict. -.-


jom ramai2 kita buat muka okaiface! '.'
days to final presentation ---------------------------------------- 14 days :/
and uolls xbuat slide lagi okay! cane nk practice ni?
ingat uolss tu naturally born presenter?
aish uolss2 xsedar diri benau! 
so uolss, esok buat slide tau!
jgan tangguh kang diri menyesal xsudah. 
padan muko! hehe
okay chow! sambung movie muahahaha

Perkara-perkara yg Dapat Merosakkan Ukhuwah

Let's recap and remember;

1. Tamak Dan Rakus Terhadap Dunia, Terhadap Apa-Apa Yang Dimiliki Orang Lain. 

Rasulullah SAW. Bersabda;
" Zuhudlah terhadap dunia, Allah akan mencintai kamu. Zuhudlah terhadap apa yang dimiliki oleh manusia, mereka akan mencintai kamu. "
HR Ibnu Majah 

Jika kamu tertimpa musibah, mintalah musyawarah kepada saudaramu dan jangan
meminta apa yang engkau perlukan. Sebab jika saudara atau temanmu itu memahami keadaanmu, ia akan terketuk hatinya untuk menolongmu, tanpa harus meminta atau menitiskan airmata. 

2. Maksiat Dan Meremehkan Ketaatan.

Jika di dalam pergaulan tidak ada nuansa zikir dan ibadah, saling menasihati, mengingatkan dan memberi pelajaran, bererti pergaulan atau ikatan persahabatan itu telah gersang disebabkan oleh kerasnya hati dan perkara ini boleh mengakibatkan terbukanya pintu-pintu kejahatan sehingga masing-masing akan saling menyibukkan diri dengan urusan yang lain. Padahal Rasulullah SAW bersabda;
" Seorang muslim adalah saudara bagi muslim yang lain, tidak menzaliminya dan tidak menghinakannya. Demi Zat yang jiwa Muhammad ada di tanganNya, Tidaklah dua orang yang saling mengasihi, kemudian dipisahkan antara keduanya kecuali hanya kerana satu dosa yang dilakukan oleh salah seorang dari keduanya. "
HR Ahmad 

Ibnu Qayim, dalam kitab "Al-Jawabul Kafi" mengatakan, " Di antara akibat dari perbuatan maksiat adalah rasa gelisah ( takut dan sedih ) yang dirasakan oleh orang yang bermaksiat itu untuk bertemu dengan saudara-saudaranya. " 

Orang-orang ahli maksiat dan kemungkaran, pergaulan dan persahabatan mereka tidak dibangun atas dasar ketakwaan melainkan atas dasar kebendaan sehingga akan dengan mudah berubah menjadi permusuhan. Bahkan perkara itu nanti akan menjadi beban di hari kiamat. Allah SWT berfirman;
" Pada hari itu sahabat-sahabat karib: Setengahnya akan menjadi musuh kepada 
setengahnya yang lain, kecuali orang-orang yang persahabatannya berdasarkan takwa ( iman dan amal soleh ). "
Q.S Az-Zukhruf : 67

Sedangkan persahabatan kerana Allah, akan terus berlanjutan sampai di syurga; 
" Dan Kami cabut akan apa yang ada di hati mereka dari perasaan hasad dengki sehingga menjadilah mereka bersaudara ( dalam suasana kasih mesra ), serta mereka duduk berhadap-hadapan di atas pelamin masing-masing. "
Q.S Al-Hijr : 47 

3. Tidak Menggunakan Adab Yang Baik (Syar'i) Ketika Berbicara. 

Ketika berbicara dengan saudara atau kawan, hendaknya seseorang memilih perkataan yang paling baik. Allah berfirman;
" Dan katakanlah ( wahai Muhammad ) kepada hamba-hambaKu ( yang beriman ), supaya mereka berkata dengan kata-kata yang amat baik ( kepada orang-orang yang menentang kebenaran ); sesungguhnya Syaitan itu sentiasa menghasut di antara mereka ( yang mukmin dan yang menentang ); sesungguhnya Syaitan itu adalah musuh yang amat nyata bagi manusia. "
Q.S Al-Israa? : 53 

Dalam sebuah hadith Nabi SAW bersabda;
" Kalimah thayibah adalah shadaqah. "
HR Bukhari 

4. Tidak Memperhatikan Apabila Ada Yang Mengajak Berbicara Dan Memalingkan Muka Darinya. 

Seorang ulama salaf berkata, " Ada seseorang yang menyampaikan hadith sedangkan aku sudah mengetahui perkara itu sebelum ia dilahirkan oleh ibunya. Akan tetapi, akhlak yang baik membawaku untuk tetap mendengarkannya hingga ia selesai berbicara. " 

5. Banyak Bercanda Dan Bersenda Gurau.

Berapa ramai orang yang putus hubungan satu sama lainnya hanya disebabkan oleh canda dan senda gurau. 

6. Banyak Berdebat Dan Berbantah-Bantahan. 

Terkadang hubungan persaudaraan terputus kerana terjadinya perdebatan yang sengit yang boleh jadi itu adalah tipuan syaitan. Dengan alasan mempertahankan aqidah dan prinsipnya padahal sesungguhnya adalah mempertahankan dirinya dan kesombongannya. Rasulullah SAW bersabda;
" Orang yang paling dibenci di sisi Allah adalah yang keras dan besar permusuhannya. "
HR Bukhari dan Muslim

Orang yang banyak permusuhannya adalah yang suka mengutarakan perdebatan, perbalahan dan pendapat. 

Tetapi debat dengan cara yang baik untuk menerangkan kebenaran kepada orang yang kurang faham, dan kepada ahli bid`ah, perkara itu tidak bermasalah. Tetapi, jika sudah melampaui batas, maka perkara itu tidak diperbolehkan. Bahkan jika perdebatan itu dilakukan untuk menunjukkan kehebatan diri, perkara itu malah 
menjadi bukti akan lemahnya iman dan sedikitnya pengetahuan. 

Jadi, boleh juga dengan perdebatan ini, tali ukhuwah akan terurai dan hilang. Sebab masing-masing merasa lebih lebih kuat hujjahnya dibanding yang lain. 

7. Berbisik-Bisik ( Pembicaraan Rahsia ) 

Berbisik-bisik adalah merupakan perkara yang remeh tetapi mempunyai pengaruh yang dalam bagi orang yang berfikiran ingin membina ikatan persaudaraan. 

Allah SWT berfirman;
" Sesungguhnya perbuatan berbisik ( dengan kejahatan ) itu adalah dari ( hasutan ) Syaitan, untuk menjadikan orang-orang yang beriman berdukacita; sedang bisikan itu tidak akan dapat membahayakan mereka sedikitpun melainkan dengan izin Allah; dan kepada Allah jualah hendaknya orang-orang yang beriman berserah diri. "
Q.S Al-Mujaadalah : 10 

Rasulullah bersabda;
" Jika kalian bertiga, maka janganlah dua orang di antaranya berbisik-bisik tanpa mengajak orang yang ketiga kerana itu akan dapat menyebabkannya bersedih. "
HR Bukhari dan Muslim 

Para ulama berkata, " Syaitan akan membisikkan kepadanya dan berkata, ' Mereka itu membicarakanmu'." Maka dari itu para ulama mensyaratkan agar meminta izin terlebih dahulu jika ingin berbisik-bisik ( berbicara rahsia ).

Wallahualam Bisshawab


hye blog!
yup. you, blog!
long time no see!
i thought i had lose you like i lose my twitter
thank god u're still here
cause in here there are memories i want to keep 
and memories i want to remember forever
however, i do hope and wish that after this there will be no more post that will hurt others
some is indirectly
i didn't meant it usually
but then, human heart is different
we never knew what they will think and feel
some might understand things differently from what we meant.
so above all things, think about others first. 
or you can always set this blog to private. hehe..
okayla. happy that i can retrieve my deleted blog.
hye blog! i will never delete you again.
in the mean time :D