End of Internship. Farewell #1

Please forgive my extreme laziness in updating the blog.
haha mcmla ada org heran kan. 
anyway back to the story, actually it has been almost a month since i have ended my internship.
I would say it was a bittersweet memories for me.
There are ups and downs. (*down is when I slept at my desk almost every morning haha)
Ups? I donno. Everytime I managed to do the work assigned by the engineers I felt I am accomplished enough. haha padahal kerja apa ja pon kan.
Malas la nk bercakap pasal technical stuff, software yg diberi kesempatan utk belajar
Sbb smua org pon mesti experience benda ni kan. And what's more to that most of it won't last long enough.
What is more important is building our self-characteristics. Apakahh haha
Maksud aku adalah pembinaan dari segi sahsiah dan keperibadian gitu hehe bahasa melayu jgak yg sedapnya hehe
I donno how is my achievement in that section
But I do know which part that needs a major improvement. 
Let's hope I will get there someday. 

Now, let me recap on my last day at the office.
The day before was seriously hectic because i was running*literally everywhere to buy something for my beloved officemate.
seriously penat! balik pon dh lambat. esok2 tu pg kerja perghhh banyak benau beg yg ak kena bawak.
besar gabak ha. dahla berjalan berkilo meter. haha..lawak.
nk dijadikan cerita, bangun lambat plak tu. so memang pergi kerja sorang2 la kan haha
the last week was awesome. bangun lambat as long as check in before pkul 9. 
the closest time i have ever checked in is at 8.59 am. Fuhh. Cuak mak!
that was the day when pipah and wawa ada final presentation haha.
back to the story, last day pun busy benau! xboleh nk sembang2. saddd..
pagi xingat plak ak buat apa.haha..tgahari menapak pg wangsa walk ambik hadiah sv.
balik2 dgar bos anis bagi nasihat then kena panggil dgan kak ghan naik atas. Our farewell is about to start.
Atas bantuan kak aza and the gang, eh ada geng k? haha
We managed to do a simple farewell party with bihun and kuih muih.
Tiba2 NG and kak woo dtg dgan kek secret recipe. awwww so sweet. touching plak.
Tertulis 'Thanks Izzati & Lukman' :3 
xtahu plak kena bagi speech ntah apa2la ak merapu haha then encik zul plak bagi ucapan diikuti makan2
The thing is I donno but i am not sad on that day. 
Maybe it is because i really99 want this to end so badly because of that 'matter'
But, I am super duper sad because i need to leave Kak. Ghan, Afiq and Lakshmi. I donno. Maybe they were the one who gives the biggest impact on me. Kak Ghan was like my mother. Afiq was like my brother and Lakshmi was like my teacher I never have.
I am also sad because I need to leave the entire staff in the Process and Safety department.
okay that was sad. Because they treated us like a family. They were outgoing, friendly, not snobbish at all and most importantly super-duper nice. Really gonna miss them all :)
okay baru terasa nk sedih sebenarnya haha.

Anyway, thanks to all of you that have painted a colorful bright colours throughout my internship there.
Thanks for being a part of this wonderful and life changing experience. 
There are no words and no materialistic thing that can pay what you have done to me.
Thanks :')

*I got this really beautiful handbag from the department chosen by Kak Ghan. It totally suits my taste. Thanks a bunch! :)

*Also I love my gurls yg bersama2 menempuh saat2 intern kat sini. Love uolsss! Walaupun semua xbrapa rapat kat UTP but you are all that i have during my intern.*in office obviously hehe


Amazing Race. Awesome race. Bila lagi nk merasa berlari2 daripada great eastern sampai ke KLCC. haha. walaupun xmenang. Experience is everything.

time ni pipah masih malu2 kucing haha

Process and Safety team.

Team-mates. Walaupun kalah. We tried our best hehe (Kak Dewi and Yen)

 Fire Drill. Seksa benau turun tangga dgan kaki sakit penangan amazing race. haha

Last2 day intern. Meja dh kosong benau haha

Farewell. Cenderahati from the company. Thanks! (Ni boss anis hehe)

All of us :)


Farewell Department.
Kak. Ghan! My konti-mate, my luahan-mate, my breakfast-mate, my everything mate! :)

My supervisor. Somehow his advice was so highly-motivating and at the same time makan dalam gitu. hehe..anyway such a remarkable and a great man with a deep passion toward his work. :)

Last memory. 13/4/13. Rembat 2013 Crew.
Awesome crew. Awesome people. Awesome hangout. Overall you guys are super duper awesome!
Wish the very best of luck to all of you. :)

okeh. Last. Name tag. Nasib baik ada tangkap gambar. Sbb hr mintak balik bagi tali je sobs. haha.

Bila org tya intern mana ak pun xtahu nk jawab apa. kat tali tulis lain kat surat tawaran tulis lain kat beg tulis lain kat pendrive tulis lain. ha amekaw. haha
nk popular skit ckp petrofac sbb international company.
tapi sepatutnya we should be more proud saying it is RNZ Integrated because it was established and owned wholly by bumiputera. 
To be able to stand out and established such a strong consultation company to the extend attracting international company to join is trully remarkable.
Anyway. Hoping the best for the company, the staffs and the people which i will genuinely miss. 
Thanks for everything. :)

Review for the company;
A remarkable place to 'learn' something. Exposed to real-life working environment. Walaupun bukan hands-on, consultation provide you the basic in designing. haha not really sure how to put it. But if you want to see the correlation between what you have learnt in university and how it is being used in the industry then this place is suitable for you. A great place to learn but not the place that will give you 4-flat easily. Very strict. -.-

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