Final Year Project

it has been weeks since we all got our FYP title
walaupun xdapat apa yg dimintak
tapi okayla. *yg mintak pon xtau apa haha
the interesting part is i got the same supervisor for my FYP as well as my FYDP i will be with her for 2 semester and my 12 credit hours depend totally on her
adoi. susah jgak tu hehe..
she is a Chinese lecturer graduated from USM
Dr Yeong Yin Fong
first meeting FYDP dgan dia i found that she is quite nice and a very helpful sv
i loike.
anyway my FYP title was changed to something else
she left me with two choices and she totally leave it to me to choose it
so i think she is very nice.
xdela sesuka hati je tukar tajuk kita kan. my FYP project title is

Development of T-type Zeolite for Separation of CO2

hahahahahahaha don't ask me
i don't have any idea on what that is. muahahaha
need to do many ground research before i can proceed with the extended proposal writing.

hoping for the best.
time management is very important.
and so far i failed. haha


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