Things are getting better

My FYP is on the right track
My FYDP is postponed to week 13/14
My CA lab had already end
I'm not an awaken zombie anymore
I had enough sleep


On the other side,
The academic thingy is not doing so well
I destroyed my HI+PUS+CA test
BIG TIME! haha

Guess when you got one thing
You will lose the other one

But it doesn't have to be that way you know
Obviously, i'm still in the stage of learning
Learning; it never ends right.

Salam Ramadhan


Sekarang dah masuk 4 Ramadhan
Alhamdulillah kita masih lagi diberi kesempatan utk menyambut bulan yg mulia ni. :)
Cuaca kat utp so far best. sbb xpanas sgat hee..
slalu je hujan malam2. sodapnyela tido hahahaha
anyway this will be the last time i will be fasting at utp as a student.
xsangka dh 5 tahun rupanya puasa kat utp ni.
hee will be missing it later.

last week has been a very hectic week
with all the proposal defence, test bagai. adoi.
but next week is expected to be no different
because ada fydp and also got 2 tests.
cane nk balik ni.

okayla baiklah botet.
selamat berpuasa ye rakan2
iolzz tgah busy ni uolzz hahahaha

p/s: tgokla ramadan yg hilang please! best tau uolzz!