Final year

is tough.
enough said. 
with all the late night sleep
not enough sleep
and meeting
and meeting again.

complicated core subjects
back-to-back testss
scary lecturer
the i-know-ur-name-so-u-can't'-skip-class lecturer
well that one i take it as a compliment cause no lecturer even hardly know my name
except for a few one :)

i try so hard not to complaint
but it seems so hard not to do it
i try so hard not to mengeluh
tapi laju jgakla mulut ni mengeluarkan kata2 keluhan yg berpanjangan

anyway, skrang tgah cuti 
actually x start cuti lagi pun
cuti official start rabu minggu depan
td dh xd kelas chowla awal2 kan hehe
dhla raya keempat dh kna balik dh
so, stop complaining get ur hand on the keyboard and finish ur work! 

wanna know what; FYP and FYDP is not the thing that makes me happy
but since if i got A in both poject i will be extra super happy i will try to enjoy you both
i think about you every single day
even in my dream. 

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