Heyyyy it has come to December!!!
How time flies.
It's been almost 3 months here.
And let's just say the first and two months was still not that bad
Well bad in terms of the time; i got PLENTY of time and sadly I abuse those free time
by being EXTRA relax and less studying well not at all actually haha
The third month was the HARDEST!
because I got my three coursework to be submitted
and sadly the deadline was very close to each one of it hmm
All of those sleepless night
Like seriously feel like a zombie
I only slept for like 2/3/4 hours
and yeah although i can gladly say it was over for now
I still haven't found out the result yet
So in the mean time, maybe i should just enjoy the moment haha

Okay, back to the story. what story first? hmm
Let's just start with the latest one
Last weekend I went for ice-skating and it was 
DISASTROUS! haha well to be fair i would say the one which i played in sunway is much worser
so this time it  was a little bit pro FOR ME.
Pro ke? jatuh jugak uolzz
yg paling xleh blah kena tackle dgan org yg xdikenali drpd blakang
hmm penat dok kontrol xjtauh sebelum tu tau
skali haa sedap betul jatuh kat lantai ais ituuu hahaha
skali dh jatuh hmmm paham2 je la apa yg akan jadi seterusnyaa haha

okay xlarat plak nk type panjang2
weekend is temporarily my relaxation week and weekdays is my work/gigih time haha
so since this is Monday so this is my gigih day!

anyway, i got presentation on this Friday! Lamanya x oral presenation hmmm

family Manchester yg gegeh! haha

Some things

...never change I guess
like how I was in the class during my undergrad
I am still the same now that I am in my postgrad
what's that?
Lost, getting sleepy, distracted, then-sleep
the only difference is now I am with the FL*faiqah
So mcm xla selalu lost 
Kadang2 kalau tertido tapi celik2 ja nmpk faiqah mcm tulis byak je 
terus bukak mata fokus- sebelum hilang tumpuan dlm beberapa saat kemudian haha
Okay this is just bad. Lepas ni mungkin kena buat jadual and belajar awal 
Mungkinnn hehe

Sometimes it is funny that I am a postgrad. 
People still think I am in the first year. Okayface.

On the other note,
I am going back to Malaysia next week*excited baqhanggg

Seriously missing the hotness of Malaysia. hahaha
Sini sejukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Tadi petang time nk g kelas 6 degreeC nangesssss
xtahan sejuk tapi kedekut nk beli baju sejuk macam mana ni janggg

Le Housemates

I am not a fan of living with stranger
Personally because the first time i am open to that idea it really turned upside down
Although they are not entirely strangers
Most of them are my best friends too 
Maybe I should rephrase
It is not with stranger it is with A LOT of people in one place
Because you see when you live in a house of 3 rooms with 3 people in each rooms
Total 9 people in 1 house
Memang drama!
Bukan nk kata teruk or apa cuma bila ada banyak kepala besala byakla jugak ragamnya hehe
Not that I am saying I am perfect kadang2 I pon moody jgak I know hahaha
Plus, during that time we were doing our practical
Everyone were always drained by the time they came home and sharing room with people they tend to get different preferences on how to sleep
For example; ada org yg boleh tido tanpa hiraukan keadaan sekeliling
Contoh; lampu x tutup, sound kat laptop kuat, sembang2 etc
And ada org yg xboleh
Sadly I am the second one. So I always end up either being the last one to sleep or will force myself to sleep which will end up of me waking up and buat muka emo hahahahaha
Its true though, u really need ur own space
Especially when u are already working 
Exemption; Sharing room with someone that u already know like since forever and unfortunately for me ada a few people ja yg ada dlm list tu
Example; wan sobsssss I still remembered when we were sharing rooms in utp and when I want to sleep, she always turn off the light on her side and use mine instead as a replacement
because u see the light on my side will be blocked by my cupboard's door that I usually open
Sometimes it is the small gesture that leaves the biggest impact on you 
On the other story yg pelik bin ajaibnyaaaaa kat lecture boleh ja lena dgan segala gangguan ohmaii
Besaq betoi setan yg dok bergayut kat mata time tu saddd

Okay sebenaqnya nk cerita benda lain slalu tersasar
Renteten kepada itu, this time when we were looking for a house to rent in UK
Privacy is of course the most important one to look at
That's why we look for a 3-4 bedroom house so that each of us can have our own room
Postgraduate is at another level
Time undergraduate share bilik 2 org pon kadang2 serabut jgak
Postgrad apatah lagii hahaha
Despite of wanting to save money on travelling bla3
In terms of rumah terpaksala korbankan sikit haha 
And lucky for us we did found a room through MCOT
And lucky for us too the former residents were very niceeeeeeeeeeeeee
So mmg xd apala yg nk dirisaukan
i mean kena tipu ke apa ke mmg xdla so dh legaakan kat situ hehe
These are my housemates in Manchesterrrrrr

Dari kiri: Me, Zet, Mint, Faiqah

Xbanyak gambar dgan zet sbb dia smpai lambat sikit dlm seminggu kot xingat haha
Zet kitorg baru kenal kat sini sbb kakak yg duduk bilik dia tu yg carikan pengganti
Budak Architecture*cool kids okes hehe
So nanti zet stay lagi setaun kitorg dh balik dh taun depan wuuuu
Technically kitorg ni sebaya*okay kecuali faiqah la hehe

Gambar2 bawah gambar xsenonoh kitorg bertiga yg dtg awal and satu kapal tu hahahahha
Owh mint is my bestfriend since primary school okess
Faiqah plak classmates time undergrad
Tapi jarang berkomunikasi dulu sbb dia geng dok depan and rajin
Ak plak geng duduk blakang and pemalas

 Okay xsenonohnya muka kami
Memang kepala masuk air. Maafkanlah kami time ni jakun lagi kot dgan weather; culture shock hahahaha

Anyway, kami hidup dgan harmoni kat sini
Life is too short to lead it in a complicated ways
Hence, avoid conflict, be nice, be kind be sincere, be good. Aite mate? hehe

Sekain nk tidoq. Sedihnya kat Malaysia 724 pagi wuuuuuuuuuuuu
Selamat pagi Malaysia.
Selamat malam Manchester. 

Manchester I am here!!


Again it's been a looong time. Just got the internet connection last friday and been busy after that,
Busy sgt padahal malas haha
So it has been 24 days I am here in Manchester!!!
I must say that feeling is so surreal!!
Dream comes true if I must say. Dulu time kecik2 slalu berangan nk belajaq kat Norway la Scotland la owh innocent me don't know it is very hard to go there unless ur parents super kaya and boleh self-funded bolehla kan

The departing

So I departed on the 7th/Sunday and arrived early Monday

Thanks a bunch to yg sanggup dtg KLIA to sent me off
My parents of course, sabb, arina, wan, yan, dayu, zek, azzam, dayang, peah, eyda, ayish, and amaq la kan walaupun mcm hindustan sikit appearance tu haha
Thank you semuaaaa I'll try my best and finish this gracefully*boleh gitu? haha

The arrival

Seingat akula kan, we arrived around 7 am kot. Sejuk baqhanggg and I only wear 2 lapis baju macho sgt bak kata dayu haha. The Manchester airport was surprisingly small. Well maybe sbb dia bukan main city kot I mean not the center of everything for UK. Rasa mcm airport kat aloqstaq lagi besaq hewhew. Nasib baik kitorg ada budak2 MCOT dtg jemput. Kalau x memang gayat la jgak kan nk gagau rumah haha. Teksi dia unik sgt one of a kind rasa. Kami ad dlm 5 org campoq dgan budak MCOT 2 org tu and beg kami banyak kot. Mungkin ada 6 beg. Teksi tu dhla xdk bonet tp seat dia mcm boleh lipat2 so muat je nk sumbat beg and kitorg skali. Kagum tibah. haha. Dah smpai rumah apa lagi yaww jetlag sokmo. Sini beza dgan Malaysia lamabt 7 jam. First day tahan jgak mata xnk tidoq teruih tggu ja smpai pmlm baru tidoq. The day after that, my biological clock is fixed. hehe. Rumah kitorg ni ada lagi senior lagi 2 org so memang lega la kan diorg bgtau smua yg kitorg perlu tahu and plus diorg sporting gloss so mmg best laaaa mcm xnk bagi diorg balik Malaysia pon ada haha.

The university

Hurm. UoM ni bukan mcm universiti yg mostly kat Malaysia yg centralize everything (department,class,lab,hostel) in one place. It is more spreading along the Oxford Road. So jalan kat road tu je building school dia merata2. Hostel pon lain2 widely spread gitu. Kitorg pergi second day ke third day ntah untuk register. The funny thing is, diorg nk tgkap gambar untuk letak kat student ID mcm ni je; 


Me: *Waiting for the handsome bro to key in my information in the system

Le bro: Okay so you want to use the photo in ur profile here or retake
Me: Retake please. *Of course la kann kalau x nnt lpas print gambar pecah ittew xsuke
Le bro: Okay can you look at the camera
Me: Where? Oh you mean here? Okay *Fyi, I was sitting next to him and in front of me ada kamera yg kecik tu yg link terus dgan laptop. More to webcam I think but the external one. And plus, behind me ada org tgah dok beratur nk register jgak kot plus backlight sbb blakang ada cahaya masuk kot tingkap dlm dewan tu. 
Le bro: Okay here *dia dh snap dlm 5 kali dhla xkira
Me: Retake 5x

Last2 give up dhla xkira, kepala senget, balakng ada org, backlight hurm baiklahh nothing to be fancy about the student card now that you are a master's student. Teringat dulu time nk buat student id kat UTP dgan background ada siap ada lampu bagai ni hurmm they don't really care about that. X penting mungkin. Okayy haha

The environment

The environment here in Manchester. Okay I will narrow it down, at my house; it is super dirty! Pelik kan. Maybe sbb my area is highly-populated with mostly immigrant. Mostly from Pakistan. Even my landlord is a Pakistani but he doesn't stay in this area. Mcm serius jalan depan rumah kitorg tu kotoq gilaa sampah merata2 okay. Actually I was surprised of that. Tap actually sbbnya kitorg ni dok area Rusholme. Area ni mmg terkenal dgan immigrant kot. Ada curry mile kat sini. Penuh kedai2 masakan arab baqhanggg like penuh along the sides of teh road. Pengsann asyik makan kambing haha. The environemnt in city is for me okay kot. Xla hectic mcm KL kan sbb it is not that quite big city pon. Biasa2 ja. So okayla xserabut. And the transport mmg xde problem. Bus diorg mmg tiptop okes. Mostly dua tingkat and banyak plus cover a wide area. Train pon ada tp yg tu mostly untuk yg nk commute jauh2 la. We haven't tried it though.

P/s: Awal2 macam jakun gila smua benda nampak cantek smua nk tgkap gamabq. Even if it is a flower at someone else's house. hahahaha

The weather

Sometimes it is sunny, windy, rainy but sentiasa sejuk for me. But the least that I can wear to go out is 2 lapis. Paling banyak haritu 5 lapis baju haha. Gemok sbb baju kayy. Rumah xpayah letak kipas pon. So kalau summer xtaula kan nk buat mcm mana. Kadang2 rasa mcm rimas sbb xdk pengudaraan habuk byak glos mcm xpaham whyyy haritu dh 3 kali vakum but still I can see them everywhere haha.

Okes. xlarat dh nk taip sekarang 1149 pm kat Malaysia 649 am sedih kan. I nk tido uoll bangun. sobsss. All in all thanks for all the wishes the prayers  and also the presents. Loveyouall. ;)

Preparing myself

Hyeeee its been a loooong timeee

So there is only few days left before I'm leaving on a jet plane*sambil nyanyi lagu Chantal Kreviuk tu haha
There are A LOT to prepare for. Tapi mcm biasala last minute me always takes thing slow and steady until the very last minute haha
By the way, I got myself 40kg which is actually banyak gilaa baru sedaq lolz
And I have already bought satu beg besaq gabak okes 29 inci demss baru menyesal sbb nnt susah nk seret hahaha. Plus for etihad airlines, they only allow one bag for 30 kg so another 10 kg terpaksa la bawak beg lain kalau gigih wuu
Haritu beli beg gabak tu sbb abg ajen ckp better bwak satu je tgok2 hurmm nasibla uolzz
Skrang progress packing dh 60% haha belacan belom beli noks. Suddenly it become very important haha

Now lets move on to another part. The part of being back a student after almost 8 months of lepaking haha. Can't lie actually. It is really nerve wrecking. Mana idoknyaa dulu time UTP pon asyik meniru assignment org ja dhla pemalas hurm hurm. But it's okay it's never too late to berubah haha lolz. Plus, I may have never scored As in my major but I always kinda liked/develop interest in the subjects. Haha. Hope that will do. Anyway, there are may distractions back in UTP but later there kurang dh kot hehe.
So, while I was leisurely relaxing at my home UoM had sent me several booklets on everything there is to know about the university*well I guess this is probably what UTP did to all of their international students haha

Here's what I'm talking about. Booklets containing everything there is to know about the university and being an international students. They send it by batch of course. The last booklet I received is on orientation

Here are the orientation schedule. Siap bagi jadual kau jah. Dulu time masuk UTP teringat lagi MAS*Minggu Aluan Siswa tu. Walaupun seminggu perghh memang terkesan dlm hati. Tau knapa? I lose approximately 3kg after a week. hahahaha mau tidaknya nk jalan from v2c smpai chancellor hall tu dulu perghh terseksa jiwa dan ragaku. Dhla xleh ponteng haha. The only difference between foundy/degree orientation and master is that in master you can choose whether to attend or not attend all of the activities. It totally depens on you. Xnk pergi langsung pon xpa okay. Haha bajet smua yg nk smbung master ni smua yg xnk buang masa and byak kerja kot well in my case xla kan. Tergedik2 nk join smua aktiviti*walupun yg undergrad punya hahahaha

See, I told you they give you EVERYTHING. Even the map of the university

Besaq jgak UoM ni. Btw nnt my school is School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Sciences. It has its own building which is James Chadwick building. hahaha xsure betul k x main taip je ni hehe. Dulu kat UTP ada block 4 ngan 5 je. But here they got one building for this school. Perghh memang dasyat. How could they not be that great? Did you know that University of Manchester is the first university to actually introduced the term Chemical engineering to the world? Okay fun fact yg ak pick up time pre-departure briefing haritu hehe. Anyway. bukan school ni je yg ada building almost every school akan ada building diorg sendiri. 

And here is the city map. Luckily UoM ni is situated in the heart of the city. So it is easier to those*Especially yg social life quite high to hop in to the city after every class if they want to. Maksudnya kat sini x susahla utk pergi ke bando ye dok. Xperlu dhla naik bas roadways yg sejam lebih baru smpai tu hehe. Okay teringat utp lagi haha. Anyway, yg area colored as purple tu is the university area. Besaq kan. naks enang lagi dia along Oxford Road.

So thats all about the university. Skrang dh Jumaat. My flight is on Sunday. My bags haven't properly finish yet. And yes I am procrastinating. Again. hehe. Anyway will share more on my preparation to go there. See you in next post!

#Prayforme that my brain is not that rusty. Sobs.


The 'time' is coming nearer
I don't think I'm ready just yet
Though it's been almost 8 months
I made no prep on facing it mentally
By mentally it means what's in my mind at the moment
I'm sure it kinda rusty in here

Okay. Cuak tetibah.

Salam Aidilfitri

I have promised myself a post and I have been postponing it since forever! haha

Referring to the title surely you must know what would be this post is all about rite?
So, this year raya was very different from any raya before
Well particularly for me since I entered UTP.
This is the first time EVER I don't need to rush and get back to UTP ASAP to face all of the things where students must faced at the end of their semester
And this is also the only raya where I spent all Ramadan kat rumah wehooo for that obviously! hehe
Given the free time I have this raya so of course celebrating it with relatives and friends is not even a question that you need to ask
Sempat segala raya kali ni xpayah nk buat jadual sgat dh because I have all Syawal for all of you!!
Amboih kau jahh hahaha
Moving on to other topic, this year theme for my family is blue
It was decided solely by my mother*kuasa veto haha
This is the second raya for us having theme
Before this tema dia pelangi haha ikut dan nk pakai apa
The reason behind this is because, my mum want all of the boys to have the same set of baju melayu so that later if anyone were to get married then they will just wear their baju raya haha
So now we have 2 choice so far; Red and Blue haha
But since neither of us are getting married in the mean time we might have another choice next year
which by the way haven't been decided yet but i'm thinking of going purple
But my mum says it doesn't matter anyway*what my opinion is since I will not be celebrating raya next year here :'(
Sobs mama ni mcm xmau bagi org balik plak haha
Now lets skip all the talk and look at the pitcha!! 

The Wahab's 2014. xpi studio taun ni haha

Later on, rumah Ndak. sayang sekali Paksu and family xdk sobs.

Continue with raya rumah zaidah makan bihun sup. Tiap2 taun p dgan madd lol haha
And that is the wrap up for first day raya. Malam tu cherry berry sekian. Mungkin perut terkejut makan byak haha.

 Raya kedua, selepas sumbat2 kambing golek kat rumah bang en then p rumah cik ah balik rumah melayan org jauh ni heee. Terharunya hampa maiiii my 5 Gryffindor mates. -Opie-Fiza-Ayah (Faris)-Afiq- Thank you uolzzzzz olie ni nk jgak photobomb kat situ haha

Raya ketiga. Kat rumah sendiri ada makan sikit2 tapi ak p chow jalan2 dgan depa ni ish2 teruk betoi. Adoi haha tp nk buat mcm mana clashh and kat rumah bukan buat open house sgt pon so mcm expect xramai pon adik bradik yg mai hehe. Nevertheless, had a blast with the gurlsss!

*Rumah sabb p camwhore ja pastu tumpang smyg sbb perut kenyang lol haha

Sebenaqnya lepas tu p rumah shahida tp xdk gambaq dlm ni haha pastu p attack rumah zaidah again haha

Okay dh xingat raya keberapa tp p beraya rumah ezri and Teacher Syikin hehe teacher time sekolah rendah.
Jumpakla dgan geng2 sekolah rendah plak hehe.

Ni pon xingat raya keberapa tpi hari sabtu kami p prabih duit raya hahaha

Sedapppp dan cantek hehe

Meks2 ini datang beraya rumah ittewww pastu esok tu iolz naik bas p kl lolzz

Balik2 kl terus terjah jamuan raya taman hoho. Ada kami dua org ja dok melekat dua org kami haha

anddd esok tu kenduri my cousinnnn weee tahniah mizaaaa semoga berbahagia sampai syurga!
Missed the akad nikah session sbb time tu dok atas bas lagi tgah otw balik wuu

Parents with le bride :D

And me selpie with the beautiful bride! :D
And esoknya beraya rumah meks2 ni open house weee

All in all thank you to those yg dtg beraya rumah kami and those yg jemput p beraya rumah hampa.
Segala kesilapan/kekasaran or kekurangan harap dimaafkan
Marilah kita membuka buku baru yg penuh dgan keinsafan dalam meniti kehidupan kita yg xtau bila hujungnya.

In other notes, please keep praying for our brothers and sisters in Gaza not to forget Syria.
They don't have any raya celebration this year
But they have more than what we got; courage and strong faith.
Send our prayers to them; it is the only thing that we can do.


I have been intending to post/write something
But I always got no time*actually plenty but wasted on other things haha
Tomorrow will write something. Hope so.
There are a lot of things that I can story-mory hehe


Salam Syawal hari ke 7 :)

Where are we?

Came across this in Facebook and thought to share it cause the story is so inspiring :)

Terdapat kisah seorang datuk dan seorang cucunya tinggal di sebuah kampung. Datuk ini merupakan seorang yang taat perintah Allah dan tidak pernah meninggalkan bacaan Al-Quran walaupun sehari.
Melihatkan hal ini, cucunya pun menyatakan hasratnya untuk membaca al-Quran tetapi dia berasa tidak mampu sebab dia tidak memahaminya.
Datuknya mengajaknya keluar dan mengambil sebuah raga yang berlubang. Disuruhnya cucunya mengambil raga itu untuk dibawa ke sungai dan dimintanya membawa raga itu kembali penuh berisi air.
Penuh kehairanan, tetapi diikutinya cakap datuknya, cucunya pergi ke sungai, mengisikan air dalam raga dan berlari secepatnya kepada datuknya dengan harapan air masih ada dalam raga itu. Walaubagaimanapun, semakin dia mencuba dia tetap tidak berjaya membawa raga penuh berisi air kepada datuknya. Cucu itu pun merasa seolah-olah putus asa sebab sia-sia dia berlari pantas tetapi masih tidak berjaya.
Datuknya pun menyuruh cucunya melihat ke dalam raga dan melihat perubahan raga itu daripada asalnya kotor sudah berubah menjadi bersih. Datuknya pun mengajar cucunya bahawa, begitulah cara al-Quran merubah diri kita, walaupun tidak memahaminya pada awalnya, tetapi lama kelamaan akan meresap ke dalam jiwa dan merubah diri dan jiwa kita secara luaran dan juga dalaman.
Al-Quran adalah kalam Allah yang mampu menusuk jiwa-jiwa yang mencari ketenangan dan hidayah Allah, mampu mendamaikan kerisauan dan kecelaruan jiwa serta mengubah seorang individu agar berusaha menjadi lebih baik dalam setiap urusan kehidupannya.

Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda yang bermakna,

“Barangsiapa membaca satu huruf Kitab Allah, maka dia mendapat pahala satu kebaikan sedangkan satu kebaikan dibalas sepuluh kali lipat. Aku tidak mengatakan Alif Lam Mim satu huruf, tetapi Alif, satu huruf dan Lam satu huruf serta Mim satu huruf.” (HR Tirmidzi).

Have you ever talk to someone speaking in a different language than yours and you always fail to understand it? That's how I usually feel when I was listening to Quran recital or even when I recite the Quran. Yes it is tafsir and the meaning is clearly given there in Malay. But have you ever felt that you want to read it like the Arabs do? They read it like they are reading a story book. Quickly understand the meaning cause that is their language. I have always felt unsatisfied because I don't know which ayat means this word in the tafsir. But now that I came across this story I am relieved and it kinda boost my spirit to become even better in the future and to try to learn Arabic; the language of Allah. Insyaallah. 

In another story, the article which I shared is actually on the Palestinian children who are trying their best to memorize the Quran because one of the main condition to join bridged Al-Qassam is to be able to memorize the 30 juzuk. Subhanallah. Keciknya rasa diri ini walaupun jika diletak di sebelah kanak2 Palestin. Apatah lagi jika diletak bersama mereka yg lain di sana. Mereka di sana hanya dambakan syahid dan berjuang mempertahankan agama Islam, agama kita di sana. Mereka tidak takut sama sekali dengan senjata2 canggih kepunyaan tentera Israel. Betapa kebergantungan mereka adalah kepada Allah SWT semata-mata. Kita di sini masih leka. Astaghfirullahalazim. Janganlah terus terlena. Berikanlah doa yg tidak putus kepada mereka. Semoga Palestin akan memperoleh kemenangan. Allahuakbar!

Jangan salah sangka bahawa anak2 kecil ini diajar untuk menjadi pengganas dan pembunuh. Sesungguhnya Islam tidak pernah membenarkan umatnya untuk membunuh terutamanya orang tua, wanita, bayi dan org yg tidak bersalah. Peperangan hanyalah untuk mempertahankan diri dan juga untuk mempertahankan agama. Berbeza sekali dgan tentera Israel yg xputus2 mensasarkan tempat tinggal orang awam, masjid dan juga hospital.

Pray for Gaza. My heart bleeds with the casualties in Palestine right now.


So my parents have been very supportive and encouraging towards the idea of me becoming a lecturer in the future. Hurm. I don't know what to comment anymore. I have been repetitively saying no as the answer with thousands of excuses*okay xla thousand hiperbola sikit haha. But they came out with a good point too ;)

My parents solid reasons on me becoming a lecturer:
1) Flexible work for women especially later when you are married. It is kinda true though. If you compare it with the life of an engineer then yes becoming a lecturer is a great choice; working in office hour, no offshore maybe outstation but not that long, no overtime needed*ye ke? haha. Pikir balik xd la byak sgat but maybe i'm missing some points haha.

2) With the current rate of unemployment, we really need to look for other options. I kinda agree with the worries. I mean, graduated from a renown university is never a guarantee that you will get a job right after you graduating. Memang semua tu rezeki kita but nowadays with the fierce competition between graduates locally and those who came back from overseas, hurm some serious thinking really need to be done. Of course, there are a lot of jobs out there that just waited to be filled. But there are also other issues that we need to take into consideration; for example, living in a high living cost area such as KL and yes unfortunately for my course the abundance of vacancy is restricted to these areas only and mostly it is in KL. With just enough salary, how can we think about saving? Or raising a family as a matter of fact. Okay not saying about KL only I think it is applicable anywhere in the country. Sometimes the pay is adjusted in accordance to that respective living cost. So it really makes no difference at all where do you work. However, the salary of a lecturer I would like to say it is quite high especially if you work in a renowned university such as UTP*betul k? haha

3) I don't remember what is the main point but my mum said we cannot be choosy nowadays. hahaha

Well mostly, the reasons stated by mum and dad is focused on the life and a career after you are married. But sometimes, I think my parents is not quite convinced that I can be an engineer in the future. haha can't really blame them, my mum's friend still perceived me as a high school student who doesn't yet take her SPM examination. Well in this case I'm referring to my physical appearance. haha

With that being said about my parent's opinion, I came out with my defense. But not much of an elaboration. It is more to giving a statement. haha

1) I am very not talented in teaching others. I mean seriously. I can't. I don't have that kind of talent. I mean at the moment I think I do not.

2) I spend my 5 years getting a degree in the first place so that I can be an engineer in the future. And although I am planning to pursue my master next I still holding on to my dream to become an engineer first. I want to undergo that kind of experience too you know.

3) One solid reasons for me, which I kept to myself is actually I was never a good student in the past. Sometimes I don't go to class, I sleep in class, I don't pay any attention towards lecture, I play games hurm and all of those things that naughty students did in class. Maybe I have or maybe not offense my lecturer in any way. So if I become a lecturer, my students will do that to me also? Huwaa I don't think I'm ready with that kind of situation in my 24 of age. I mean 24? How is my appearance when I'm 24? If I am still this skinny hurmm mmg xkonfiden lgsgla nk jadi lecturer walaupun nk time tu. Haha

So that being said, actually physical appearance does play an important role when choosing a job. Sometimes it will give you that extra confidence you know? Nevertheless, as long as I'm not yet working I am still open to every options. I mean the reasons that I want to take master at the first place is in fact for a long-term investment for when I no longer want to be an engineer then I have the option to want to revert to other professions having the qualification.

Okay. Sekian rambling for today. Haha

Its been a while

Lama dh x update blog.
Pemalasnyaa xpaham dengan diri sendiri haha
Sekarang tgah bulan puasa ni xleh malas2 dh
Cepuk kang.
Need to develop a new habit for the upcoming life that require me to be extra rajin kaka

Anyway, Alhamdulillah sekarang dh 4 hari menjalani ibadah puasa 
Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah
Kadang2 terfikir gak, dh 23 tahun hidup di muka bumi ni mungkin baru beberapa tahun hurm mungkin baru 9 tahun betul2 menghargai bulan Ramadhan; bulan yg pernah barakah org ckp
Baru 9 tahun. Hurm lambat sikit nk sedonye haha
Moga akan bertemu lagi Ramadhan berkali2 di masa hadapan

Berbalik kepada cerita kehidupan ak yg boring,
Skrang hurm xbuat apa2. Preparation plak hurm byak lagi sebenarnya xsiap tp xleh nk buat apa
Nk proceed tu mcm ada prerequisite la yg belom setel. So jem. haha
Currently tgah melayan tv3 tapi certain waktu je okes
Pukul 3-4; Angeline
Pukul 7-7.30 kadang2 pkul 8 hihi; Indah halina
Pukul 10-11; Siti Saleha

Sinetron dh xlayan serabut. Masa terlapang in between kadang2 diisi dgan melayari internet ataupun melayan running man. kaka.

Semalam ada terbaca post kakya*kawan utp dulu 
regarding dia xboleh masak time mak dia ada kat dapur.
Hurmmm samala kitaa kakya oii
Memang kalau nk buat apa2 kena buat time mama xdk kat rumah
Kalau time xdk kat dapoq xleh gak sbb rumak xbesar mana so dgarla jgak kalau terbising2 kan haha
Kalau tertangkap hurm mesti ada saja la yg x kena. Smua salah. haha
Maybe my mum is not confident with me. hahahaha
Skrang kalau pg dapur pun kena dok diam2 kalau dok buat kalot mmg knala sedas dua das haha
So skrang pg usha2 ja potong skit2 tu je la kaka
Sebenarnya, kadang2 kids should be given a chance to do things their way
Baru in the future they will feel confident and knows how to do things throughout experience and also experiments.
Amboi kau jah sodap bersyarah ye haha. Anyway ada lagi faktor lain which is malas.
Dh dulu asyik kena marah je kat dapoq so dh lama2 malas la nk ambik tau.
Sekarang ha padan muka kau jah haha
Org tua ni potpet diorg ada sebabnya dulu2 biasala budak2 xpaham apa kena sikit merajok sokmo sekarang dh tau merajok jgak kadang2 tp dh kurangla iyedok? haha
Anyway, cooking is a must for women. Nak x nak kena jgak. Nanti dh kawen kang cane nk ikat hati suami kalau x pandai masak? amboihh hahahaha
Slalu baca kat fesbuk; Xpandai masak xpe, janji rajin memasak.
Kawan ak yg dh kawen pon ckp mcm tu hehe
and yes dia memang rajin memasak. Lama2 nnti pandaila mcm buat experiment jgak. Ada trial and error-nye hahahaha

Okay sekian harap maklum. Xtaula apa motif post ni bercampor sakan.


Kadang2 ada jugak org ckp #balingbelakang haha

Throwback #1

Pre-convo Shazmin

Well this really was a throwback. haha
Mint had already went through her actual convo and
Had already continue her master kaka
So the throwback was,
Last year, around december i think
We planned to celebrate min's convocation by throwing a little pre-convo for her
Bukan ada apa pun just p rumah dia camtu ja haha
I went to KL tumpang maizat kebetulan plak dia nk balik rumah hehe
Cekal betul maizat nk balik melaka sorg2.
bestla mak percaya. ak? ermm jgan harap la yaww haha
Anyway, pre-convo ni xbuat apa sgat pun
Kitorg pergi Shah Alam Convention Centre tu kot SACC Mall? ye kot. haha
Gigihla mint pakai jubah convo bagai and paling gigih
Disebabkan xd photographer sdri haha
Jenuh la dok adjust henset madd tu letak atas tiang lampu yg pendek tu then tahan dgan botol
hahaha kreatif yaww
cantek2 plak tu gambar yg diambil dgan botoi ayaq hehe
pastu ada la abg ni dok jalan2 dgan awek/wife dia? hehe depa kesian la tgok kami
dia pun tlg la ambik. tq stranger. hehe
but the thing is, yg tgkap guna botoi lagi cantek. hehe
xdk human error kot. haha
okay dh malas nk type
tgok gambaq hehe.
owh anyway time tu fazura mai. xp dkat dia pon tgok kot jauh ja
cantek gla walaupun dri jauhhhh :O
okaypoine. haha

encik botoi ayaq tangkapkan haha

ni abg baik hati tangkapkan hehe

artis penat haha

menggila. haha

le convo girl. :*

anyway, mint is the first of my bestfriend yg convo dulu
tahniah mah. hehe
p kelas master elok2 jgan ponteng ahaks.


I always have these things in my head
All of the words that i wish to say; but can't say

Story #1

Do you have a friend whom you regard as best friend.
But then, you never heard from them again? Like ever?
And then, what's left?
We're just strangers. Strangers. 
Once very closed, now very far.

Story #2

It is hard having no plan after you are finished with something. 
I mean, you have a plan.
But you don't have that contingency plan.
The kind of Plan A, Plan B and everything.
Struggling is all that's left.

Story #3

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to do something
but there is always something that holds you down?
Been postponing like many times now.
Really need to do it no matter what it will take.

hahahaha okay itu saja sekian.


Hye dear blog
Sorry it's been a loooong time already
Nothing to update actually
Cause i haven't been doing anything worth to write at the moment haha
It has been 106 days of being unemployed
Though the feeling is not that GOOD, i will not say it is sucks
Most of the time i enjoy staying at home doing nothing
Cause ever since I finished SPM i haven't actually experience a looong holiday before going to the next step because i got in quite early.
During my undergraduate study, i managed to experience one time of long holiday which is 4 months where at the end of the day i only relax for about one month then work as minah kilang
haha so these times when i get to enjoy a long holiday i really love it
just eating doing nothing except the tv, ipad, books etc
But it is without doubt also, that the feeling sometimes is very zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I feel very useless, boring and everything.
Especially when i dont have anything to do at all plus NO MONEY
hahahaha worst feeling ever kihkih

owhh the good news is that
two of my GPLian friends are already on their way of getting the taste of having their OWN money
hihi..sorg dh start actually the other is next month and i believe my rumet is going to be next month also hihi
alhamdulillah rezeki diorg dtg awal
rezeki kita yg lain? Keep on praying and berusaha okay! hehe

So about me,

Ermmm still not sure where am I heading

I was very sure of 'it' at the early of this year
Now not anymore.
So i'm trying every option.
We never know where our rezeki lies right?
So lets just keep trying and praying!