Hye dear blog
Sorry it's been a loooong time already
Nothing to update actually
Cause i haven't been doing anything worth to write at the moment haha
It has been 106 days of being unemployed
Though the feeling is not that GOOD, i will not say it is sucks
Most of the time i enjoy staying at home doing nothing
Cause ever since I finished SPM i haven't actually experience a looong holiday before going to the next step because i got in quite early.
During my undergraduate study, i managed to experience one time of long holiday which is 4 months where at the end of the day i only relax for about one month then work as minah kilang
haha so these times when i get to enjoy a long holiday i really love it
just eating doing nothing except the tv, ipad, books etc
But it is without doubt also, that the feeling sometimes is very zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I feel very useless, boring and everything.
Especially when i dont have anything to do at all plus NO MONEY
hahahaha worst feeling ever kihkih

owhh the good news is that
two of my GPLian friends are already on their way of getting the taste of having their OWN money
hihi..sorg dh start actually the other is next month and i believe my rumet is going to be next month also hihi
alhamdulillah rezeki diorg dtg awal
rezeki kita yg lain? Keep on praying and berusaha okay! hehe

So about me,

Ermmm still not sure where am I heading

I was very sure of 'it' at the early of this year
Now not anymore.
So i'm trying every option.
We never know where our rezeki lies right?
So lets just keep trying and praying! 


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