I always have these things in my head
All of the words that i wish to say; but can't say

Story #1

Do you have a friend whom you regard as best friend.
But then, you never heard from them again? Like ever?
And then, what's left?
We're just strangers. Strangers. 
Once very closed, now very far.

Story #2

It is hard having no plan after you are finished with something. 
I mean, you have a plan.
But you don't have that contingency plan.
The kind of Plan A, Plan B and everything.
Struggling is all that's left.

Story #3

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to do something
but there is always something that holds you down?
Been postponing like many times now.
Really need to do it no matter what it will take.

hahahaha okay itu saja sekian.

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