So my parents have been very supportive and encouraging towards the idea of me becoming a lecturer in the future. Hurm. I don't know what to comment anymore. I have been repetitively saying no as the answer with thousands of excuses*okay xla thousand hiperbola sikit haha. But they came out with a good point too ;)

My parents solid reasons on me becoming a lecturer:
1) Flexible work for women especially later when you are married. It is kinda true though. If you compare it with the life of an engineer then yes becoming a lecturer is a great choice; working in office hour, no offshore maybe outstation but not that long, no overtime needed*ye ke? haha. Pikir balik xd la byak sgat but maybe i'm missing some points haha.

2) With the current rate of unemployment, we really need to look for other options. I kinda agree with the worries. I mean, graduated from a renown university is never a guarantee that you will get a job right after you graduating. Memang semua tu rezeki kita but nowadays with the fierce competition between graduates locally and those who came back from overseas, hurm some serious thinking really need to be done. Of course, there are a lot of jobs out there that just waited to be filled. But there are also other issues that we need to take into consideration; for example, living in a high living cost area such as KL and yes unfortunately for my course the abundance of vacancy is restricted to these areas only and mostly it is in KL. With just enough salary, how can we think about saving? Or raising a family as a matter of fact. Okay not saying about KL only I think it is applicable anywhere in the country. Sometimes the pay is adjusted in accordance to that respective living cost. So it really makes no difference at all where do you work. However, the salary of a lecturer I would like to say it is quite high especially if you work in a renowned university such as UTP*betul k? haha

3) I don't remember what is the main point but my mum said we cannot be choosy nowadays. hahaha

Well mostly, the reasons stated by mum and dad is focused on the life and a career after you are married. But sometimes, I think my parents is not quite convinced that I can be an engineer in the future. haha can't really blame them, my mum's friend still perceived me as a high school student who doesn't yet take her SPM examination. Well in this case I'm referring to my physical appearance. haha

With that being said about my parent's opinion, I came out with my defense. But not much of an elaboration. It is more to giving a statement. haha

1) I am very not talented in teaching others. I mean seriously. I can't. I don't have that kind of talent. I mean at the moment I think I do not.

2) I spend my 5 years getting a degree in the first place so that I can be an engineer in the future. And although I am planning to pursue my master next I still holding on to my dream to become an engineer first. I want to undergo that kind of experience too you know.

3) One solid reasons for me, which I kept to myself is actually I was never a good student in the past. Sometimes I don't go to class, I sleep in class, I don't pay any attention towards lecture, I play games hurm and all of those things that naughty students did in class. Maybe I have or maybe not offense my lecturer in any way. So if I become a lecturer, my students will do that to me also? Huwaa I don't think I'm ready with that kind of situation in my 24 of age. I mean 24? How is my appearance when I'm 24? If I am still this skinny hurmm mmg xkonfiden lgsgla nk jadi lecturer walaupun nk time tu. Haha

So that being said, actually physical appearance does play an important role when choosing a job. Sometimes it will give you that extra confidence you know? Nevertheless, as long as I'm not yet working I am still open to every options. I mean the reasons that I want to take master at the first place is in fact for a long-term investment for when I no longer want to be an engineer then I have the option to want to revert to other professions having the qualification.

Okay. Sekian rambling for today. Haha


yuna icha said...

hehe for my point of view. tak kisah nak jadi lecturer. its good. but from my point of view as a working person, i think you should at least be an engineer at least for 1 or 2 years to actually understand everything uve learnt in utp. u need to work first in order to be a good lecturer. such as our lecturer lupadah nama apa wakaka.
ramai kan yg mengajar tp selit pasal industry.
its different if u only know the theory but dont actually go further practically. hands on.


goodluck tiii

Izzatipatrick said...

haha kann betul tu..tapi kdg2 dia ikut individu tu jgak cuba ingat balik lecturer kita ramai jgak yg pg industri dulu tp sudahnya time ajar xcite sgat pon apa mcm mana aplikasi dlm industri. Great lecturer inspire mcm Dr Ibrahim hihi