Preparing myself

Hyeeee its been a loooong timeee

So there is only few days left before I'm leaving on a jet plane*sambil nyanyi lagu Chantal Kreviuk tu haha
There are A LOT to prepare for. Tapi mcm biasala last minute me always takes thing slow and steady until the very last minute haha
By the way, I got myself 40kg which is actually banyak gilaa baru sedaq lolz
And I have already bought satu beg besaq gabak okes 29 inci demss baru menyesal sbb nnt susah nk seret hahaha. Plus for etihad airlines, they only allow one bag for 30 kg so another 10 kg terpaksa la bawak beg lain kalau gigih wuu
Haritu beli beg gabak tu sbb abg ajen ckp better bwak satu je tgok2 hurmm nasibla uolzz
Skrang progress packing dh 60% haha belacan belom beli noks. Suddenly it become very important haha

Now lets move on to another part. The part of being back a student after almost 8 months of lepaking haha. Can't lie actually. It is really nerve wrecking. Mana idoknyaa dulu time UTP pon asyik meniru assignment org ja dhla pemalas hurm hurm. But it's okay it's never too late to berubah haha lolz. Plus, I may have never scored As in my major but I always kinda liked/develop interest in the subjects. Haha. Hope that will do. Anyway, there are may distractions back in UTP but later there kurang dh kot hehe.
So, while I was leisurely relaxing at my home UoM had sent me several booklets on everything there is to know about the university*well I guess this is probably what UTP did to all of their international students haha

Here's what I'm talking about. Booklets containing everything there is to know about the university and being an international students. They send it by batch of course. The last booklet I received is on orientation

Here are the orientation schedule. Siap bagi jadual kau jah. Dulu time masuk UTP teringat lagi MAS*Minggu Aluan Siswa tu. Walaupun seminggu perghh memang terkesan dlm hati. Tau knapa? I lose approximately 3kg after a week. hahahaha mau tidaknya nk jalan from v2c smpai chancellor hall tu dulu perghh terseksa jiwa dan ragaku. Dhla xleh ponteng haha. The only difference between foundy/degree orientation and master is that in master you can choose whether to attend or not attend all of the activities. It totally depens on you. Xnk pergi langsung pon xpa okay. Haha bajet smua yg nk smbung master ni smua yg xnk buang masa and byak kerja kot well in my case xla kan. Tergedik2 nk join smua aktiviti*walupun yg undergrad punya hahahaha

See, I told you they give you EVERYTHING. Even the map of the university

Besaq jgak UoM ni. Btw nnt my school is School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Sciences. It has its own building which is James Chadwick building. hahaha xsure betul k x main taip je ni hehe. Dulu kat UTP ada block 4 ngan 5 je. But here they got one building for this school. Perghh memang dasyat. How could they not be that great? Did you know that University of Manchester is the first university to actually introduced the term Chemical engineering to the world? Okay fun fact yg ak pick up time pre-departure briefing haritu hehe. Anyway. bukan school ni je yg ada building almost every school akan ada building diorg sendiri. 

And here is the city map. Luckily UoM ni is situated in the heart of the city. So it is easier to those*Especially yg social life quite high to hop in to the city after every class if they want to. Maksudnya kat sini x susahla utk pergi ke bando ye dok. Xperlu dhla naik bas roadways yg sejam lebih baru smpai tu hehe. Okay teringat utp lagi haha. Anyway, yg area colored as purple tu is the university area. Besaq kan. naks enang lagi dia along Oxford Road.

So thats all about the university. Skrang dh Jumaat. My flight is on Sunday. My bags haven't properly finish yet. And yes I am procrastinating. Again. hehe. Anyway will share more on my preparation to go there. See you in next post!

#Prayforme that my brain is not that rusty. Sobs.

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