Le Housemates

I am not a fan of living with stranger
Personally because the first time i am open to that idea it really turned upside down
Although they are not entirely strangers
Most of them are my best friends too 
Maybe I should rephrase
It is not with stranger it is with A LOT of people in one place
Because you see when you live in a house of 3 rooms with 3 people in each rooms
Total 9 people in 1 house
Memang drama!
Bukan nk kata teruk or apa cuma bila ada banyak kepala besala byakla jugak ragamnya hehe
Not that I am saying I am perfect kadang2 I pon moody jgak I know hahaha
Plus, during that time we were doing our practical
Everyone were always drained by the time they came home and sharing room with people they tend to get different preferences on how to sleep
For example; ada org yg boleh tido tanpa hiraukan keadaan sekeliling
Contoh; lampu x tutup, sound kat laptop kuat, sembang2 etc
And ada org yg xboleh
Sadly I am the second one. So I always end up either being the last one to sleep or will force myself to sleep which will end up of me waking up and buat muka emo hahahahaha
Its true though, u really need ur own space
Especially when u are already working 
Exemption; Sharing room with someone that u already know like since forever and unfortunately for me ada a few people ja yg ada dlm list tu
Example; wan sobsssss I still remembered when we were sharing rooms in utp and when I want to sleep, she always turn off the light on her side and use mine instead as a replacement
because u see the light on my side will be blocked by my cupboard's door that I usually open
Sometimes it is the small gesture that leaves the biggest impact on you 
On the other story yg pelik bin ajaibnyaaaaa kat lecture boleh ja lena dgan segala gangguan ohmaii
Besaq betoi setan yg dok bergayut kat mata time tu saddd

Okay sebenaqnya nk cerita benda lain slalu tersasar
Renteten kepada itu, this time when we were looking for a house to rent in UK
Privacy is of course the most important one to look at
That's why we look for a 3-4 bedroom house so that each of us can have our own room
Postgraduate is at another level
Time undergraduate share bilik 2 org pon kadang2 serabut jgak
Postgrad apatah lagii hahaha
Despite of wanting to save money on travelling bla3
In terms of rumah terpaksala korbankan sikit haha 
And lucky for us we did found a room through MCOT
And lucky for us too the former residents were very niceeeeeeeeeeeeee
So mmg xd apala yg nk dirisaukan
i mean kena tipu ke apa ke mmg xdla so dh legaakan kat situ hehe
These are my housemates in Manchesterrrrrr

Dari kiri: Me, Zet, Mint, Faiqah

Xbanyak gambar dgan zet sbb dia smpai lambat sikit dlm seminggu kot xingat haha
Zet kitorg baru kenal kat sini sbb kakak yg duduk bilik dia tu yg carikan pengganti
Budak Architecture*cool kids okes hehe
So nanti zet stay lagi setaun kitorg dh balik dh taun depan wuuuu
Technically kitorg ni sebaya*okay kecuali faiqah la hehe

Gambar2 bawah gambar xsenonoh kitorg bertiga yg dtg awal and satu kapal tu hahahahha
Owh mint is my bestfriend since primary school okess
Faiqah plak classmates time undergrad
Tapi jarang berkomunikasi dulu sbb dia geng dok depan and rajin
Ak plak geng duduk blakang and pemalas

 Okay xsenonohnya muka kami
Memang kepala masuk air. Maafkanlah kami time ni jakun lagi kot dgan weather; culture shock hahahaha

Anyway, kami hidup dgan harmoni kat sini
Life is too short to lead it in a complicated ways
Hence, avoid conflict, be nice, be kind be sincere, be good. Aite mate? hehe

Sekain nk tidoq. Sedihnya kat Malaysia 724 pagi wuuuuuuuuuuuu
Selamat pagi Malaysia.
Selamat malam Manchester. 

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