Some things

...never change I guess
like how I was in the class during my undergrad
I am still the same now that I am in my postgrad
what's that?
Lost, getting sleepy, distracted, then-sleep
the only difference is now I am with the FL*faiqah
So mcm xla selalu lost 
Kadang2 kalau tertido tapi celik2 ja nmpk faiqah mcm tulis byak je 
terus bukak mata fokus- sebelum hilang tumpuan dlm beberapa saat kemudian haha
Okay this is just bad. Lepas ni mungkin kena buat jadual and belajar awal 
Mungkinnn hehe

Sometimes it is funny that I am a postgrad. 
People still think I am in the first year. Okayface.

On the other note,
I am going back to Malaysia next week*excited baqhanggg

Seriously missing the hotness of Malaysia. hahaha
Sini sejukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Tadi petang time nk g kelas 6 degreeC nangesssss
xtahan sejuk tapi kedekut nk beli baju sejuk macam mana ni janggg

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