Heyyyy it has come to December!!!
How time flies.
It's been almost 3 months here.
And let's just say the first and two months was still not that bad
Well bad in terms of the time; i got PLENTY of time and sadly I abuse those free time
by being EXTRA relax and less studying well not at all actually haha
The third month was the HARDEST!
because I got my three coursework to be submitted
and sadly the deadline was very close to each one of it hmm
All of those sleepless night
Like seriously feel like a zombie
I only slept for like 2/3/4 hours
and yeah although i can gladly say it was over for now
I still haven't found out the result yet
So in the mean time, maybe i should just enjoy the moment haha

Okay, back to the story. what story first? hmm
Let's just start with the latest one
Last weekend I went for ice-skating and it was 
DISASTROUS! haha well to be fair i would say the one which i played in sunway is much worser
so this time it  was a little bit pro FOR ME.
Pro ke? jatuh jugak uolzz
yg paling xleh blah kena tackle dgan org yg xdikenali drpd blakang
hmm penat dok kontrol xjtauh sebelum tu tau
skali haa sedap betul jatuh kat lantai ais ituuu hahaha
skali dh jatuh hmmm paham2 je la apa yg akan jadi seterusnyaa haha

okay xlarat plak nk type panjang2
weekend is temporarily my relaxation week and weekdays is my work/gigih time haha
so since this is Monday so this is my gigih day!

anyway, i got presentation on this Friday! Lamanya x oral presenation hmmm

family Manchester yg gegeh! haha

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