Looks easy but...

It is now the third week of the new semester! Ohmy. How time flies.
The last couple of weeks were kinda rough for me.
Examinations and lost of my two relatives.

Let's start with a lighter one which is the exams. Well I assure it is not that light.
I can't even express how I felt when I was finished with my last paper.
Such a huge relief.
Although technically, I have learnt all of the subjects for this semester when I was in my final year first.
But still, hmmmmm
Taknak complaint plis! All that I got left to say is;
This must be the most rajin time I have ever been before
Yet, this is also the first time I got panick attack when answering the question.
Panik dia tahap nak pengsan okay. Taktipu. 
Ohmy. Harap2la lulus. Nak aim distinction memang dh xbolehla bro. Nak lulus pon merangkak. -..-

The second one.
I lost two of my relatives in an accident. :'(
Really hope I can be there at that time.
Suddenly it makes me think what if the situation was reversed and it was me?
Ya Allah. I know it is something that all of us must go through one day but seriously not strong at the moment.
Dear cousin; Maznie,
Do remember
Allah tidak akan menguji hambanya melebihi kemampuan mereka. 
I know you will stay strong as you already were :')

That being said, appreciate the one that you love and those who love while u still can.
Don't let the time passes as regret.
Btw, it was kinda a roller-coaster ride for me.
Cause I am one of those who rather sit and cry alone than expressing publicly what I felt with everyone else.
So I might look ok but I am really not. Yeah konflik dgan diri sendiri haha.
Cancelled my trip to Scotland and went to class at the first week. While majority of my friends were out and about having their post-exam vacation haha.
But deep down, I am glad.
Things happen for a reason and I will always believe that. 
Cause you see, at the first place I was the one yg rebel nk ponteng kelas. :P

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