Polska Part 2!


The ever so stunningly-beautiful Kasprowy Wierch
While being totally mesmerized with the view up here, you can't really ignore the fact that it was freaking cold up there!
When we were there the temperature was -6degreeC. Ohmy!
The only thing that I remembered was the timeless moment where I ran inside and hug the heater*literally haha

Fun facts about Kasprowy-Wierch;
It is the border of Poland and Slovakia. In fact Slovakia is just like the other side of the mountain
and depending on the weather you can actually entered Slovakia because apparently, Poland and Slovakia are a part of Schengen zone and the admission there is neither controlled nor forbidden.
Too bad we didn't know that earlier. Would have packed our bag and entered Slovakia for one day if possible haha. 

Anyway the view from Kasprowy was totally breathtaking.
Feeling totally blessed given the opportunity. :')

Family portrait! 

Sejuk woi! Boleh pulak acah2 duduk kat Machester pakai mcm ni haha

Summer lagi nanti jom? 

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