Polska Part 3!

Gubalowka (Pronounced as Gubawolfka :P)

Actually this is where we were planning to play ski and snowboard
But due to some circumstances*there is less snow than expected so we changed the venue
Yet we still came here as it is one of the main attraction in Zakopane
Still need to go up there by cable car
Gubalowka is actually kinda small village uphill
So those who work down below*in the town they need to commute by cable car everyday
I wouldn't want to complain taking the cable car everyday to work cause the view is magnificent :D
Actually there are a lot of activities that we can do there but due to winter most of activities stopped
So the only activity that we did was sightseeing haha
And lucky for us; it snows!

Cubaan beboys menjadi comel kaka

Gegurls don't even have to try haha

Opocot! Ni nama dia gaya swag Mint haha

Ni seh hingus Kak Kira haha

Bajet comel terr

My Pokoje-ian :D 

Ni holiao Ayin haha 

It snows!

And thanks to the high definition DSLR, gambar cantek2. Tq abiangjay haha

Okay lompat sepam! Time ni kaki okay lagi*sebelom kejadian haha

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Cik Yaya said...

Study abroad? wahh.. Bestnya.. doakan Yaya dapat sambung belajar luar negara juga.. amiin.. Good luck and take care there ^^