Yeah finally I submitted my proposal
And let me just say how relieved I am although I know it wasn't good as I was hoping it would
but nevermind there will always be a time for improvement aite?
Well the story behind the proposal was so bad
Cause you see at the first place I got misconcept about how things should be
Well this implies that I haven't do my article reading that much aite?
And the worst part was I only got like 3 days to actually redo my literature review!
Bad. Just plain bad.
I did what I could.
These past few weeks have been tough on me
3 coursework, proposal submission
And fever
And eating disorder-sbb makan bila lapaq teruk saja
Who would have thought studying could be this hard?
Well I don't obviously!
It was soooooooooooooooooooo different from what it was when I was doing degree
If we got an assignment I would have just copy-paste it from my friend
And to not making it obvious, I would paraphrase a little bit here and there
but here
every coursework/assignment you need to submit it to turnitinuk
like every single assignment!
so you will really like need to do it on your own
or you can refer to your friend but be very not so obvious about referring them
but how can you refer to your friend when all of them is the same as you? muahahahaha
okay la
dengan harapan turnitin utk proposal x tinggi hmmmm
nervous noks!

So actually this is not the end that I was hoping for
We got exam like in two weeks. Kayface.

P/S: Sapa cakap budak belajar overseas asyik travel saja dan blajar xteruk? I am like literally ayaq mcm dh nk dekat lubang hidong okay! hahaha

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