Hey I am back!

Actually it has been ages since I came back from the UK
Like 2 months and 2 weeks? hihi
Donno what I have been doing, I guess enjoying my relaxing/peaceful time? kiki
Jobhunt is on active progress. Like I am still submitting for a new application
But so far no rezeki yet. It's okay lets just keep praying for the best hihi
I dont know if I am being too choosy but I don't think so. At first  I am still having ahigh hope in oil and gas industry. But with the current trend at the moment, I might have to kiss oil and gas industry a kiss of goodbye for a moment :'D
At the moment I am trying to learn how to sew baju kurung. For future purposes. :D nanti dh xpayah nk tempah org*katanyala haha
Besides that, I wanted to register for short courses programme but haven't got the chance to do so.
Remind me again what am I doing all these while? keke
All in all, I am just enjoying my free time at the moment being the only child at home hehe
But if given the choice I would not want to be unemployed for a long time* still got a lot of things to do/commitment
So that's why I'm thinking of applying for cikgu sementara for the upcoming school session haha

Below are the summary of what I have been through up to this date :D

1) Faiqah's wedding
Well of course this would be the highlight of what I did since I came back.Can't really believe she's married! Omaigod. Plus it was such a joy to have met the gang-GPL. Well not all of them; only Che and Yun. It was a nice/quick catch-up sesh. It was always very lovely to meet the gossipgirls. keke. Owh and the fellow UTPian too. Being unemployed, I came to the wedding with my parents. hehe. I know my mum would never allowed me to go there alone. So they came too. Besides, Faiqah personally extended her wedding invitation to my mum so it is not that nice to be absent now does it? So the trip for Faiqah's wedding has quickly changed to a trip to pantai timur instead. We went to Terengganu first before heading to Kelantan. And dont even ask me why we went to ganu first. keke.

2) Well of course; the official result of my study
I don't quite remember the exact date but it was something on the mid of November I think? All praise to god I passed :D That's all that matters sobs. Alhamdulillah I am very relieved. Finally I am a graduate of Master of Science in Advanced Process Integration and Design :')
To those who wanted to pursue master; if you are not like lolie*well I know maybe someday lolie will read this post ;p* don't ever think of pursuing this seriously-technical course. It was so freaking hard! At least for me it was. Take management instead. I am not saying it is easier but at least it is a whole bunch less technical than my course was. Nevertheless, I am really glad I took this course. It really does taught me nothing worth having comes easy. It taught me that you need to fail first in order to succed. And most importantly, it taught you to never give up and do everything that you can to reach the finishing line. So yeah, it taught me how to be more of a 'student' which I am sure I am most certainly not when I was in UTP. 

Owh and I went to KL like almost 2 weeks staying with my favourite GPLian-wawan hihi. Then dating time weekend bersama wawan dan yan. Oh bahagianya kalau dok skali dgn depa keke. Hmm I wanted to put pictures in this post but semua still dalam phone. So nantila update lagi hihi

Azam bulan 12 xbanyak pon. Nak update cerita kat UK selama setahun okay? Hihi

*I wrote this because someone requested it. So I hope when that person read this post he will also post something in his blog. keke. Kbye. Nanti jumpak lagi.

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kiorsly said...

hey! I spotted my name here. Excited kemain. Congratulations for posting new entry and wish you good luck for the job hunting. As an advice from friend to friend, just take for whatever opportunity that is lay in front of you sbb who knows where will it might lead you. FYI, I already got the conditional offer, so skrg trying hard looking for scholarship. So, kalo dapat, you will be my senior. Same course :) so, inshaALLAH kalo dpat, mohon tunjuk ajar. All the best Izzati!